“A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has put on his shoes.” — Mark Twain

It’s been quite the morning on X, which is what’s left of Twitter. Having a blue check mark was supposed to provide extra security, but one user, Donald Trump, Jr., did not get his nine bucks a month’s worth. His account was resoundingly hacked on Wednesday.

You can imagine the freak out when this started rolling through peoples’ feeds.

Elon Musk, if you haven’t heard this yet, is contemplating charging $2.99 per month to use Twitter. I balked immediately for precisely this reason. I don’t want to give Musk any banking information. It’s not the three bucks so much as it is a need to protect myself and this idiocy with Junior’s account being hacked today only underscores the fact that my fears are well grounded. Maybe there’s a way I could open up one account just to deal with Twit-X but man that seems like a lot of hassle.

Now I don’t know what this next one is, other than the handwriting on the wall that it’s time to abandon the X ship.

Evidently so. I went over to Eric’s account and Catturd is discussing space aliens and Eric is calling Zillow a liar for saying Junior purchased Mar-a-Lago for $422 million, but the tweet or xit or whatever it’s called these days, above, isn’t there.

There’s a lot of back and forth with people believing Junior did post it himself. Who knows? The only certitude here is that Twit-X is a sewer. I don’t know what the future of the platform is, nobody does, but I’m hoping it either gets sold to somebody who can salvage it or maybe it’s mass exodus to the semi-functional threads. What a tragedy a wonderful platform like Twitter came to this sad state.

This is slowed down audio but having heard the original, it’s not that far off the money.

And audio aside, Junior routinely shows up baked on his video PSAs. The mystery of the hacked or not hacked account will not be unraveled soon, I fear.


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  1. That xit couldn’t have been up too long: the raucous celebration that would result upon mango moron’s death would damn near cause buildings to sway.

  2. Jr. sounds and looks like the town drunk holding a townhall, to an empty room, after the bar has closed, and management is considering calling the cops to get the self important blathering idiot off the premises. He has the right to remain silent but he lacks the ability.

  3. Post News is a great site. It’s worth the wait to get on. It’s CIVIL!! It’s KIND! It’s all the twitter used to be without the magas. Really! It’s great. That’s where I landed after getting thrown off the dead bird last December 1st and I absolutely love it. It’s home. All warm and snuggly and many from dead bird are there, with more joining all the time. And it’s free.


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