Newt Gingrich has gotten only one thing right tonight and that is that the words Herschel Walker and commitment do indeed belong in the same sentence. Deep commitment is precisely what is needed at this point for this very sick man. Deep commitment in a padded cell and throw away the key.

Talk about a desperate hail Mary pass. We have seen it all now. If it gets more desperate than this, I don’t want to know.

And you have to admire the facility with which Gingrich lies his a$$ off. He missed his calling. He should have become a wingnut prosperity preacher.

Can we put together a superhero and call him Captain Oblivious? That is the part for Newt to play. And he can put a cape on his pet imperial dragon lizards and bring them along with him as mascots, sort of the Robins to his Batman. He could get two little sidecars on his motorcycle and roll down Pennsylvania Avenue that way. I can’t wait.

OMG. I thought I heard Newt lie back when he was Speaker. That was nothing compared to this.

Friends, it’s going to be a lonnnng two days. Mark my words.

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    • Either that or you have to abuse your spouses and children, legitimate or not, on numerous occasions. Not sure tho’ since what is acceptable behavior for xtians changes on a daily basis. I do know being a hypocrite is always a top xtian priority as the past several years have shown.

  1. This side of the pond there is an expression for someone so badly under the affluence of incohol that they make incoherent (and crazy) statements:


  2. Right. Let me get this straight. Committed to Christ, when, just this second? After having lied about paying for abortions, abusing wves and or girlfriends, denying fatherhood. I could go on, but we all know the drill. Sounds like even Christ would be wasting his time with this piece of trash – by choice – but had he changed a second ago, then maybe Gingrich, himself more of the Judas variety would be as hard pressed to pass the smell test as Herschel.


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