Letiticia James burst the bubble. The myth of Donald John Trump as the savvy businessman, the cunning, baffling and powerful negotiator, master of The Art Of The Deal has now been laid to rest. Not since the curtain was pulled back on the sham Wizard of Oz have we seen such a revelation. And as usual, Trump’s taking down the people around him. His lawyers got sanctioned, $7,500 each and the amount was only a part of what was requested, as you’ll see in the order below. They had to be screwing up to get sanctioned. Judges do not hand out sanctions like candy at Halloween, you have to step in it and step in it bigly. Read the order and guffaw as probably hundreds of thousands of lawyers around the planet are doing right now.

Cancelled. Bye bye yellow brick road, if your name is Trump you won’t be making money in New York State anymore, not Junior nor Eric and if Ivanka has any smarts she’ll dye her hair and change her name if she goes up there to visit. She was not named in the lawsuit but she’s still part of the clan. She and Jared can forget all about being invited to the Met Gala and all the high society functions. That wasn’t happening anyway, but now it never will. Old Guard New York Society is crusty and it doesn’t forget. And guess what? Melania’s friends are going to think twice about taking her calls if they do so at all. She can try and sell her tacky Creeesmuss shit on the internet and that’s about the extent of her influence. Let us resume.

The “parties” meaning: Trump, if he’s not busy stroking out (and we don’t mean on the golf course) Junior, if he can get sober long enough to focus on a list of names and dial a telephone, and Eric, if he can consult his psychic pal who channels God directly. Maybe God is familiar with the roster of receivers in New York State who handle business dissolutions. Somebody better be, because ten days goes by fast and these dissolutions are going to be expensive.

Plus, now we get to the good stuff: Leticia James has asked for fines and penalties of $250 million or thereabouts, which would be chump change to Trump if in fact he was worth billions. Well, we’re going to find out exactly what he is worth — which is his primal terror. Trump needs people to believe he’s a billionaire like you and I need oxygen to breathe. He can’t survive as just a normal dude, although in point of fact, even if he has bupkis compared to what he says he has, he still has many millions and will live a life of opulence that most mortals can only dream of. That’s granting arguendo that he doesn’t end up being sent to the House of Many Doors.

So if and when James gets her award, Trump will have to pay. And if he doesn’t have the money to pay, why that’s no problem at all. The State of New York will just seize his assets and sell them to pay the judgment. Next to the mugshot in Atlanta, this is as close as Trump has come to facing the reality of leading a criminal life.

Could you die? Could you seriously die? On October 2, which is just next week, trial will go forward on five other matters related to the fraud case. And, as reported here earlier today, the case may go on until December. It’s a long long time from October 2 until December and a lot of evidence will be out there on the table.

The Trump family has been banned from New York. The State of New York shat them out today. They are no longer able to earn a dollar in the Big Apple or the Empire State. Their tawdry little empire is finis.

And Trump has characterized today’s judgment thusly.

Oh, yes. It’s a sad day for New York. And they’ll be sorry that they lost the genius of the Trump family doing business within their state. I can hear them weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth now — as they pop the champagne corks and cheer.



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  1. Not fit to run a business = not fit to run a country.

    But maga-world will handle this with the usual lies, obfuscation and ‘what abouts’.

    And this on the day he should be imprisoned for breaching his bail conditions by, (very very publicly), buying a gun!

    If this was a movie plot it would be condemned as badly written.

    • People began saying that from the very beginning, that nobody would believe this as a script. It proves the wisdom of the expression, the truth is stranger than fiction.

      • I hope you’re right Spike, but that’s not the question.

        The question is,’ If you’re NOT fit enough to meet the laughably low, almost non existent ethical standards required to run a business, then how can you meet the slightly higher ethical standard of being a leader in politics?’

  2. Absolutely Great News! Even if Trumplethinskin ends up never paying a penny in Judgments in this civil case against him or his companies, this guarantees:

    >More ketchup on the walls at Mar-a-Loco tonight;
    >More short-circuiting of his dwindling number of functioning brain cells;
    >Will force him to stay focused on his myriad legal problems instead of committing new crimes, campaigning and wreaking more chaos and havoc wherever he goes.

  3. I guess he’ll have to shoot someone on a different street in a different city. Where did I put the world’s smallest violin to play a tune of sympathy?



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