In a recent interview, one prominent Republican senator made a weird prediction. He believes the situation at the southern border is so bad that the U.S. will suffer a 9/11-style terrorist attack “ever few weeks,” according to Mediaite.

That’s an interesting notion when you consider that this “situation” has been terrible for decades, and there have thus far been no such attacks.

Of course, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is one among far too many Republicans who have been hounding President Joe Biden ever since he was elected, but now they have a new ploy.

Because of course they do.

They have taken to citing a recent report showing that overa 12-month period ending in September, agents have apprehended 169 people at the border whose names are on the terror watch list.

“in most of these cases, it’s ultimately determined through further investigation that there is no connection with terrorism and that individual,” one counterterrorism adviser told the new york times.

Tuberville popped up on Monday’s edition of The Balance on Newsmax where he tore into Biden as he talked with host Eric Bolling. The senator, who seems to be channeling too much Donald “Bad hombres” Trump said that the minute Hamas carried out terrorists attacks on Israel in October, Biden should have sent every available U.S. service member to the border.

Funny how Republicans like Tuberville are always worried about the U.S./Mexico but never the one we share with Canada.


Anyway, Tuberville was in bile venting mode.

“when that happened, joe biden should’ve woke up and called [defense] secretary [lloyd] austin and said, ‘ok, send every available military personnel to the border immediately. close it down. nobody else comes in, ” tuberville said.

He really was wound up, asserting that it’s only a matter of time before thousands of Americans will be killed in terror attacks every month.

“we’re gonna have a 9/11 attack every few weeks if we don’t watch it,” Tuberville whined. “it is out of control. But this group could care less. you know, being a senator, you know, i’m not a senator (huh?) i was an educator and i’m up here watching what’s going on and i’m thinking you know, who cares? who cares about the american people? who cares about the taxpayers of this country? i can’t find anybody on both sides of the aisle. it’s about spending money and i’m sick of it.”

Well I’ll tell you what. I’m sick of Republicans like Tuberville who think brown people are the only ones who commit terrorist attacks. Because I’ll tell you what, acts of domestic terrorism have risen drastically over the past decade. The Government Accountability Office reports that 231 acts of domestic terrorism with known offenders have occurred between 2010 and 2021.

But are GOPers like Tuberville worried about this? Nope. They continue to blame people crossing the southern border.


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  1. The last terror attack took place on January 6 2021 and was not committed by people from across any national border. It was committed by republican supporters.

  2. Let’s be sure to send everything we have to the southern border and leave nothing for two long coastlines and a longer northern border.

    • and those two long coastlines as well as every commercial airport is how many, maybe even most, illegals enter the country. The ones crossing the border are generally caught, those that don’t die from the trip that is, or are corralled somewhere waiting for entry and/or asylum. This is the usual shade idiot ‘pubes want to throw on the issue-we need more people on the mexico border-all the while people, and things we don’t want, come by shore or plane. dumbasses.

  3. If we do have 9/11 attacks every week, here’s to hoping they occur where ‘pubes like tuberville reside. it’d be nice if the terrorists did something useful. Thing is, that’d be cheap, easy, and make a statement which really is what terrorists want.

  4. Having lived in Maine for 6years, I can tell you there are a lot of back roads that will.allow you to avoid ICE when driving from.Canada. It was annoying to.have to compete with Quebecois (the Canadians who are not polite) for parking spaces in Freeport. If I were a terrorist with Hamas (or Hummus,,as non-stop per Donnie calls it affectionately) I would make contact with a plant in Canada, have him test the various entry ways, and plan to.get in that way. Easy Peasy. Pick up the bomb components in some rural.area, which is pretty much most of Maine away areas and tourist destinations. If I have thought of it, so.have they. Because the border with where all the attention is focused.

    • Kind of a twist on why are banks robbed so often-because that’s where the money is. Were I a criminal and/or wanting to bring in some fentanyl or something like that, I’d be saying where are all the border patrol folks? On the border with Mexico? Cool, I’ll use the northern border, the one WITHOUT all the CBP folks (or, obviously american airports or the sea routes).

      I happen to KNOW drugs are smuggled along the border of NY and Canada using the St. Regis River which happens to have an indian reservation which exists on both sides of the border. Not only is there the two different countries to confuse matters, you also can add the indian reservation (s) to the mix. The folks trafficking drugs have a field day and make money hand over fist. I also know that is not the only place where it is good to bring drugs across the border. There is little to know policing along Montana’s (and I imagine ND as well) highline. I myself have crossed back and forth over the US/Canadian border driving farming “roads” (they looked road-ish to me. lol)–the roads and paths used by farmers to get from field to field. It is not surprising there is very little up there including very little CBP presence. Again, were I a drug selling sort of person, I could bring a great deal of whatever the f*ck I wanted to, say, Outlook, MT (look it up). The CBP is at the border crossings not in the wheat fields, ranches, waterfowl production areas, or anywhere else along the MT border. An ATV and a backpack is all one needs to bring a f*ck-ton of bad shit into this country-just go south out of Big Muddy until you come to Outlook. Have someone leave a vehicle and then you can go where you will in the U.S.

      There aren’t any ski areas or tourist destinations along the highline of MT when you’re north of Scobey and east of….hell, Cutbank F.F.S. Yeah, putting all those CBP’rs down south would make it real easy for undesirables to make drug addicts’ lives that much shorter.

      Your Hamas types might stick out a bit since MT, especially northern MT with the exception of the three reservations up there, is very, very, much wipipo territory.

  5. Of course they don’t admit to domestic terror. It doesn’t exist. It’s all foreign immigrants. Some good old boys good blow a building up right in front of them and they would swear they seen a bunch of immigrants do it. I have seen some of this crap already when making comments and getting trashed by people blaming me and “my kind” for the problem. Sometimes it’s even people I know. Now I have begun to wonder what their parents would say. People who have bled on that flag to protect it aren’t going to roll over. One thing is for sure. Trump has timing. Twenty years ago when you still had WW2 vets walking around someone would have had a talk with that cherry 🍒.


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