Talk about the cherry on the sundae. Journalistically speaking, this is it. Donald Trump had the worst day of his life Wednesday, what with Letitia James coming after him, guns blazing, “for years of financial fraud,” and Aileen Cannon’s ruling about the 100 documents found to be in error. Then, Financial Times filed this gem last night.

The Make America Great Again, Again! super Pac, which is the only active super Pac affiliated with Trump, raised just $40 in August, after bringing in $351,000 in July and zero in June. In April and May, the group had raised more than double that amount, with $864,000 in total contributions.

That total second-quarter fundraising represented a marked fall from the $4mn-$5mn raised in the fourth quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year. The sharp drop-off in fundraising came as the Save America political action committee, which holds the vast majority of the donations, spent $3.8mn on legal fees — the most the Pac has spent on such costs in a single month during the entire 2022 campaign cycle. Of those fees, $3mn went to the Critton, Luttier & Coleman law firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida. […]

MAGAA is one of seven Pacs in Trump’s fundraising network, across which he has about $122mn in hand, according to the latest filings. While Trump has still been one of the most prolific fundraisers of the Republican party this cycle, spending by his Pacs on supporting fellow GOP candidates in upcoming midterm contests has been minimal, despite the fact that many of the party’s nominees won their primaries thanks to his endorsement.

From $864K to $351K to $40 is a pretty steep fall. One can only hope that it’s a foreshadowing of financial realities to come for the Trump klan.

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  1. I wonder if it has finally dawned on the erstwhile ‘supporters’ that their contributions don’t go to funding any election but to pay for the Crook in Chief’s legal fund (and no doubt more will be siphoned off when he gets hit with penalties for all the scams he has been pulling and has been getting away with until now.

    I’m not suggesting he should be locked up – but that PLUS a financial penalty could be on the cards

  2. We need an edit facility here – I meant to say ‘..not suggesting that he shouldn’t be locked up…” (I got distracted by our idiot Jack Russel barking at a dog next door)

    • I don’t know if we can do an editing feature here. I’ll look into it. Meanwhile, even Twitter can’t do it, so we may be stuck with what we have.

      • slipping fingers on the keyboard are the bane of my existence anymore. I am educated to an extent few people are but you’d never know from what I type these days. lol

      • This is truly unbelievable. No Ursula, not that any of your story’s have any truth. The MAGA’s have not been very happy on what candidates (future deep state rhinos) their donations have been supporting. It’s been in the live chats and conversations for months now saying to donate direct to the Ultra MAGA, America First candidate not the PACs. Good work Ursula, looks like they are. You just showed everybody how together The Ultra MAGA movement has become. Now, well over half the population of the United States you’ll find out in less than 2 months.
        P.S. Lots of whistleblowers whistling lately. Are you hearing what I’m hearing?

  3. What the cultists re finally realizing is that the holy water blessed by Rudi and whatever other kinds of snake oil he has been selling don’t work. the investigations keep coming. the indictments are on their way. the whine is a loop with nothing new, and so. what the dumpf fails to get is that attention spans matter, and if hos act doesn’t have a couple new bells and whistles from time to time, he has lost his audience

  4. I have to say that’s a pleasing headline to read. Still, I’ll be curious to see how much “outrage” money he will get sent to him by the dumass MAGAs in the wake of the FBI’s search of his place and the court stuff that’s been so prevalent in the news. Still, that had been out there for a while before he drew a whole (maybe) fifteen hundred people to a 6k seat venue for one of his signature rallies. I predict an uptick in donations but when it comes to the over/under on whether he’ll crack the million dollar mark I’m leaning towards taking the under.


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