This is a new clip released by Lincoln Project. It addresses the issue of how ridiculously low Kevin McCarthy has sold himself and for what? For what?

You may have heard yesterday that McCarthy is refusing to bring the uber controversial Fair Tax bill to the floor. That’s the first openly broken promise of his and the verdict isn’t out on it yet. It well may be that he’s got a fight on his hands over that.

And McCarthy’s ally Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested an amendment to keep Joe Biden from selling oil, which was resoundingly defeated. What’s McCarthy going to do about that? After all, he vows undying allegiance to MTG. And he thinks that is a good move, apparently.

Her conspiracy theories are bad enough, but she endorsed executions of political leaders in the other party. Is that to become the new norm?

The woman stands for absolutely nothing but performative theater. Is this what McCarthy is going to defend to his last breath? Seriously.

And if this is news to you, McCarthy went on Donald Trump, Jr.’s new show, his podcast on Rumble. Yes, Junior is now a journalist, ain’t it grand?

But, alas, the demons and gremlins of communication were in force tonight, Junior’s show had technical difficulties.

But he did manage to get in a non-woke commercial, so all is not lost.

It’s still January and this is the direction McCarthy is going, the people he is bonding with, closest. I can’t wait to see where we are by summer.

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