Look, frankly I’m sick and tired of talking about how fucking stupid Vladimir Putin is, and that he has let his delusions dive him into a war he can’t win, and how he has nowhere to go from here but down. For a goddamn change, I want to talk about what happens next.

I’ll make this simple. Vladimir Putin has taken his country back to 1913. In his unquenchable thirst to rebuild the former glory of the former Soviet Union, he has turned Russia into a pariah state. And there is no turning back now, at least not for Putin, no matter what happens from here on out. Because Putin stepped over a line that the world can’t tolerate.

See, here’s the thing. If Putin had kept his invasion firmly grounded in military terms, and had followed Geneva Convention rules to target only legitimate military targets, with a little slick media he might have been able to get by. But the idiot expected immediate success within 10 days, and when his army became bogged down, he turned instead to extracting a revenge price against the civilian population. And crossed a bright red line.

Which allowed President Joe Biden to unite basically the entire globe. Not only has Biden got NATO and the EU walking tall and standing tall, but Putin’s barbarity has turned even non NATO countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, and South Africa against Putin, all issuing sanctions of their own to parrot US-EU sanctions.

But it was Biden and his administration that literally gave Putin The kiss of death. The Biden administration took the extreme step of sanctioning Vladimir Putin personally over his role in the Ukraine invasion. This is almost unheard of. Look, the US sanctions people and governments and government run businesses all the time, but the US never sanctions foreign leaders directly. The reason being that the US always wants to leave the avenue open for direct negotiations with that foreign leader.

But the US sanctioned Putin directly. Which means that they now consider him to be a rogue leader. It is no longer bothering to talk to him simply because he is unstable, his word is no good. The direct sanctions against Putin makes it clear that the US no longer looks at him as being a stable negotiating partner on the world stage. And if the US won’t deal with him, why should anybody else in the world?

Let’s be bullshit clear here. As this grinds on, Putin and several of his generals are going to be indicted with war crimes against humanity. And once that happens, he becomes an international pariah, With the possible exception of Xi in China And Kim in North Korea, nobody will treat him as a legitimate world leader. And it won’t end quickly.

Even if Putin were to totally capitulate and withdraw from Ukraine tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter. The world no longer sees Putin as a legitimate global leader. The world is united. The sanctions against Russia would not end, no matter what the negotiations, until Putin is removed from power. They will leave the sanctions in place until Putin is removed. Because they can.

Sadly, what happens next is left up to Russian internal politics. Putin will prosecute the war for as long as he’s ion power. And even if oligarchs and advisors convince Putin to withdraw back within his own borders, nobody will even consider lifting sanctions against Russia until Putin is gone. Putin’s goose is already cooked.


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  1. Kalim Galeev has probably the wisest take on where Putin went wrong. The latter treated Ukraine as a “Special Operation” like Chechnya or Georgia because that’s all he’s ever done (Galeev actually calls Russians a regime of cosplayers, state security playing at being military). But by underestimating Ukraine resistance, overestimating his own military and having nothing but yes-men tell him what he wanted, he blundered into a real war. Galeev also notes that Russia hasn’t fought one of those since 1945.

    • I have to agree, Bare, it IS how human nature works … If you are rotten to the core, and attack human targets, unarmed, minding their own business and households, REAL family stuff from the youngest to the elders, many with health problems that prevent them from even attempts to protect their family unit … It pisses the global population off, and the Murf has stated that so well, red lines and all …

      I wonder if his military itself, will break out one, or more of those long range sniper rifles that can kill from a mile away no problem, the bullet gets there before the report of the gun … elsewise, someone close to Putin may deliver a special package …

  2. The Kremlin sees Tucker Carlson’s commentary as “essential” in its Ukraine war messaging strategy according to a 12-page memo leaked from a Russian government agency to the Russian media, as reported in Mother Jones.

    • The Tuck F*cl is the equivalent of Tokyo Rose. Hannity is Lord HawHaw. You can disagree on how best to help.Ukraine but you can not take the side of Putin without being considered at least can ignorant moron ,,at worst ,a traitor. And Christian evangelical types who claim.to hate communism and socialism seem to be just fine with a fascist dictator invading a Christian nation that is a,democracy.

  3. My problem with Joseph’s analysis is this: the U.N., World Court, etc. run exactly nothing. This planet is run by corporations/wealthy individuals and if and when they decide to do business with Russia again is when they will do business with that country. Right now the corporate world (but not Big Pharma and others) has decided it makes more financial sense to stay out of Russia. When that decision stops making financial sense to them they’ll go back into Russia.

    Yes, I’m cynical. I am also an educated adult who has been around for 60 years. I’ve seen where power has shifted and that has not been to the people…at least not to the ones without billions. Corporations, ass-wipes like the Kochs, Prince, Bezos, etc. are and will call the shots until we AS A SPECIES rise up and slay these fuckers. You all watch and see if I’m not correct on this one-other craporations will join Big Pharma and I suspect it will not take long.

    • One of the most obvious results of Putin’s rain of destruction against the Ukraine, has and still is, the total bombing damage of neighborhoods, all-gone housing, hospitals, schools, small/large businesses, EVERYTHING beyond repairs … Only a massive, years long, rebuild could possibly make these cities inhabitable once again …

      The stain of Putin’s stupidity has reduced the Ukraine to rubble wherever his troops have attacked and with that being the case, recovery will take so long to return to the levels of normalcy in place before the current companies started to leave, normal family living will be a dream until long after major housing replacements occur …

      That will be so far into the future now, return of money people will depend on a certain normalcy and stability in the Ukraine, otherwise, the bitterness of Russia’s free-basing Putin’s terror around the world will stymie growth potentials, as their money chains are now broken …

  4. He, that is Putin, also kept his army purposely weaker in order to control them. This smacks of an extraordinarily high level of paranoia. Never mind among the quickest ways to shoot oneself in the foot.
    BTW, do you know where Galeev is currently? I know he left the Wilson Center here in DC not too far from where I live, but has he gone back to Moscow? If so, I hope he is safe.

    • **Shrug** Only know Galeev from his Twitter feed, so I couldn’t say. Also, I should note his reasoning on why Putin weakened the military: cutting out any potential rivals to Putin and his cronies. It’s why victorious generals in Russia are always killed after the current conflicts are wrapped.

    • Russian army is as good as it has displayed in Ukraine an inept shambles and basically a shower of shit Barbarian evil entity that has not got a clue what to to do.

  5. Gee, with xi crawling under putin’s desk, where does that put gm who we bailed out of bankruptcy because moving 25 MILLION jobs to china seemed like such a great deal at the time?
    And what of the 43 BILLION dollar contract signed with “gm defense”? Do you actually think that gm’s internal intranet is secure so their operations with the red chinese army will not have access to “gm defense” information? I dont especially since gm’s china operation uses cracked dassault catia to engineer vehicles.

    Spooks from Langley to Kyiv are likely to be quietly untangling an espionage conundrum that dare not speak its name, according to a former senior intelligence agent who was once regularly involved in such discussions: “Could President Putin really be assassinated?”

    “The operation is on every intelligence agency’s design table,” a veteran clandestine operative for France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) told The Daily Beast. “I know this because I used to plan them.”

  7. ALOT of things don’t add up to Putins character. Too many to mention. Our politicians are attacking put in in media similarly to how they did with Trump immediately after Trump publicly withdrew the U. S. out of globalism in January 2020 at World Economic Forum. In other words, Putins attacking the globalist n. W. Ô. Aka Build back better aka The Great Reset. Every pharmaceutical Co in the world just about has a headquarters in Ukraine. If he loses, history will say he was the antichrist and and there will be worldwide genocide. He is THIS IS THE DEPOPULATION AGENDA plan.

  8. Putin wants the ocean its plain thats it he wants the waves he wants to own it for trade he is willing to steal it murder for it kill and abuse kids ,listen the little worm and his gang of cowards// because thats what they all are, anyone would have cut the clowns throat bye now shame on that shower of demonic scum his time is coming the writing is on the wall and he will be alone when hes is fed his rat pish


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