I am more of a Rock-n-Roller than a Rap music fan, so I have to admit that I never paid much attention to the musical stylings of Kanye West, although I would be the last to deny his talent… the man has sold almost 200 million albums and won 22 Grammys after all.

Mike Lindell though, it seems to me, is more of a huckster, glomming on to the cult of Donald drumpf to sell his shitty pillows and whatever other crap products his sweatshops pump out.

But now that West has hitched his legitimate star to the MAGApalooza shitwagon, and doubled down on that bonehead move by going full Goebbels on Jewish folk, incinerating his fortune like Elon Musk on a full drunken and bath-salts fueled Twitter billions squandered spending spree, I guess it make sense to try to recoup his losses where he can… though I doubt the MAGA crowd is going to shell out $600 a pair on his kicks.

Him and Mike will probably have to settle splitting a double sawbuck on each sale…







Where’s MyCheckbook?



Boy howdy.



Trump rallies and stupid just seem to go together.

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    • I don’t know. With tying West to the creator of crap pillows and other poor products might just turn people away from the fool. People with one iota of sense do not purchase pillowman’s garbage and without the Adidas brand, and Adidas manufacturing, I see West’s silly-ass shoes becoming pretty much what is pictured in this article: clown shoes.

      Someone mentioned magats being unwilling to pay hundreds of dollars a pop for a West shoe with pillowman’s marketing and manufacturing attached but we’ve seen them put life savings into very, very bad ventures. I don’t see this as being any different to those putz’s.

      • Keep in mind the geography (mostly rural/small town America and states that don’t have urban areas filled with minorities) and residents of “MAGA Country.” Racism runs throughout it. These people don’t listen to rap/hip-hop. They listen to RWNJ talk radio and country music. So Kanye West isn’t someone they’d notice except for him lining up to full Trump. They like that of course, seeing a “useful” black guy although there’s a certain racial slur that would follow the word “useful” in their thinking. A donation to a Herschel Walker or Tim Scott is one thing, hundreds (several hundred, even after Mikey Lindell’s fifty percent “discount” with its “special code” for a set of sneakers is another thing entirely. NOT going to happen. It would be a giant fail, and those things would end up being sold for maybe ten bucks more than they cost to produce. If that. And they’d wind up getting rid of the inventory by resorting to the old “BUT, if you order NOW we’ll send you not one pair but TWO! All you pay is the shipping & handling for a second or even third addition pair!” I hope they try it. I’d love to a year from now find a pair in the Goodwill in the shopping center across the street from my complex, and I’d buy them at that point. And then? Make a video of me pouring piss on them (you can buy those hospital thingies at Wal mart) and then dumping a container of gas on them and setting them on fire!


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