Here’s my take, in a very few words. NBC f*cked up. It was recently announced that NBC had signed former RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel as a paid political contributor. But sadly, this announcement didn’t amaze me, since NBC, and in some cases MSNBC have a recent history of f*cking up.

The backlash has been swift and immediate. On Sunday, Chuck Todd held a roundtable in which he roasted McDaniel on a spit over an open fire. Tonight MSNBC up and comer Jen Psaki on Inside with Jen Psaki spent a two minute segment clearly delineating the difference between hiring people with political backgrounds who were engaged in public service, and one engaged in slavish servitude to their master. And just now, on The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell announced that MSNBC will not book her on any of their programs. Considering the fact that MSNBC is responsible for about 70-75% of the political programming, Unless NBC signed her to per appearance pay, they’ve already inked a losing deal for the network.

Sadly this did not surprise me. For what reason I do not profess to know, for the last several years, perhaps trying to outdo FUX News for coverage that is fair and balanced, the network has had the pathetic history of hiring a rash of FUX News castoffs.

First comes the detestable Mother Tucker. Carlson got his start at CNN, but CNN cut him loose for playing too fast and loose with the facts. For unknown reasons, NBC hired him for a daily show on MSNBC, where he had just enough time for a cup of coffee, and carried his sandwich out with him. He naturally gravitated to FUX News, where he promptly became their #1 rated piece of sh*t demagogue.

Next up to the plate was Greta van Susteren. Like Carlson, she came up with CNN, as a legal analyst. But she disgraced herself with her truly pathetic legal analysis on CNN of the OJ Simpson trial, and it was Adios, Greta from CNN. Naturally she migrated to FUX News, and when she wore out her welcome there, MSNBC welcomed in another misfit toy. Full Disclosure. I gave van Susteren a fair shake. I watched here every day for almost six months. Her coverage was so stilted, and her admiration to trash constitution al law professor Alan Dershowitz closing on a fetish, that I finally turned off.

Which brings us to the truly pathetic Megyn Kelly. Kelly was a true FUX News propaganda clone. Her departure from FUX News came when she filed a civil lawsuit claiming sexual harassment against then FUX News head Ro0ger Ailes. I have no idea what NBC was thinking, it’s not like she changed her stripes, she got canned for suing the boss. She started out with a daily show on MSNBC, but her ratings were so terrible that they moved her over to a weekend show on NBC. She didn’t even last the length of her contract.

And now they stick themselves with a stone cold loser, a totally brainwashed Trump sycophant like Ronna Romney McDaniel. The simple question it asks of the butterheads in NBC headquarters is Why? Back in 2017, there were three Trump mainstays making the rounds of the networks preaching the word, KellyAnne Conjob, Kayleigh McInerny, and Steve Cortez. And within months, both MSNBC as well as CNN cut all three off from appearing on the networks, citing their inability to do anything but continually parrot party propaganda, regardless of what question was asked.

The head honchos at NBC need to learn a bitter lesson. NBC is a news and entertainment network. MSNBC is their almost totally political, progressive arm. Considering the fact that MSNBC is responsible for for at least 75% of the political content on the conglomerate, the nattering nabobs of NBC would be well disposed to just sit back, STFU, and let the MSNBC heads take care of hiring and firing their political analysts. End of rant.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. MSNBC has more than their fair share of apostate republicans. Joe Scarborough, Michael Steele and Nicolle Wallace are hosts and Charlie Sykes, Matthew Dowd, Tim Miller et al are contributors. Only the prime-time hosts espouse liberal or progressive points of view.

    The problem with McDaniel’s hiring was it was too soon after her last gig at the RNC. She needed some time to erase some of the Trump slime.

    P.S. The only former republican I have any respect for is Stuart Stevens. He has fully acknowledged his role in the party and repented.

    • “…Only the prime-time hosts espouse liberal or progressive points of view.”

      What these reporters do is tell the truth. Gee, that’s so progressive…damn those libtards…

    • You really think Scarborough, Steele, Wallis and the others are a fair comparison to McDaniel? Unless I am very much mistaken, all of them have been never-trumpers from the get go.

  2. I used to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known by the nickname of The Mormon Church. So I understand their belief system & know what to say that can really get to a staunch Mormon like Mitt Romney.

    I used to call his Senate office quite often during the Trump regime & complain about whatever Trump policy he was supporting using scriptural references. I would always end my messages to Mitt by reciting a scriptural reference “Ye cannot serve both GOD & MAMMON.” You are currently serving MAMMON! I hope Mitt got my messages & I hope my comments about him serving MAMMON tore at his heart & soul at least a little.

    I would like to know where to call Ronna Romney McDaniel & reference how she has SOLD HER SOUL over the past years she has been conspiring & consorting with the Anti-Christ called DON THE CON T. RUMP, not to mention BETRAYING HER COUNTRY.

    • T Marie…you’ve convinced me, but remember most modern humans either don’t know much about the Bible, or believe it’s full of superstition. That is until they face the ultimate unknown…death. Yet science has proven more mystery than any time in our history. As was noted in the movie Constantine, when the detective was trying to enlist Constantine,(Keneau Reeves), an exorcist, into helping her find out if her Catholic sister committed suicide, he tried to convince her demonic forces were real. She stated people were evil and she didn’t believe in the Devil. His reply: “that’s too bad…he believes in you.”

      • Kinda true, Scott. Most people don’t believe in religion or God, until they face death. True.
        I sense (after all this time) you’re a somewhat religious guy so I will share with you my “STFU” strategy when people whom I KNOW don’t have a clue start lecturing me about Jesus, etc: I ask them a very simple question: How many commandments are there? When they look at me like I’m an idiot and say “10” as if everybody knows the obvious, I just say “thank you for your teaching” and move on. On the rare times they stop, smile knowingly, and answer “613” I warmly invite them into my circle and gladly engage.

        • Bingo. Of course when I alert xtians that all those mitzvahs exist they start sputtering about how their jeebus took them all away. Then of course we get reminded, daily, about one of the mitzvahs–men sleeping with men–and how bad that is. What about all that going away stuff? Time spent educating con xtians on their hypocrisy is time I’ll never get back so…

          No sense to anything evangs say and they are getting snapped up by trump in a way that makes me think they are getting their comeuppance because no good will come to them in the long run.

        • Ten commandments is good enough. The other 603 apply specifically to Jews. The word used for the ten is dvorim rather than mitzvahs.

  3. This shows the cluelessness of most overpaid executives in big organizations. what could the woman who dropped part of her name just so the orange manatee wouldn’t have to hear “Romney” possibly bring to the table. She’s just another soulless unprincipled casualty of the Trump wrecking ball. Possibly this television genius can hire the January 6th choir to do the musical intro for the NBC news shows.

  4. McDaniel’s statement that she had to “take one for the team” is clear evidence that the woman has no ethics, no morals and was willing to lie and carry water for a lying, cheating, hateful and down right stupid a-hole. She belongs on Faux, not MSNBC. How many times did she disparage the network? Such a clueless move by NBC but then, it’s all about $$$$. I hope they lose a bundle after this.

  5. When are people going to realize that MSNBC is NOT a progressive channel.
    It is the love child of two corporate behemoths, Microsoft and General Electric (NBCs corporate daddy at the time).
    Its main goal is to help older democrats feel progressive (and sell them reverse mortgages).
    This is why the large percentage of their audience are the AARP crowd.
    True progressives don’t get their news from cable TV. Most skew younger and don’t even have cable TV.

    • Egads, Michael, how right you appear to be. I turned 62 four months ago and last week I got my first “welcome” email from the AARP!!!! I almost had a stroke. You could be right in your analysis. Short but possibly 100% accurate. I cannot go to sleep without my nightly hour with Lawrence!!!

    • I don’t require a “hechsher” on my news stations. Never in my wildest dreams would I think of NBC as anything but a capitalist media mogul, yet I definitely benefir from listening to Chris Hayes, Lawrence O’Donnell, and may of the others. And if there’s something I don’t like, I can always turn it off.


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