Truth is to the denizens of Trump world like holy water is to Dracula. You throw a bit their way and they howl and retreat. Trump’s “TV lawyers” i.e., Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and the rest of Strikeforce Rudy, simply wilt when confronted with basic facts. The reason that they have been able to hold up as long as they have is because nobody is fact checking them, and certainly not in real time. They’re so used to throwing monkey feces and saying that they’re really flower leis and you should wear them around your neck, that they simply seize up and stop functioning when they’re confronted with the truth, no, these aren’t flowers, these are pieces of simian excrement.

Here are two clips of Sidney Powell and an Australian Broadcasting Company reporter. Powell loses it. Then the long YouTube clip is a documentary, forty-eight minutes long, Fox and The Big Lie.

This is all terrific, must see material. Take the time to watch this.

Nobody ever talks to these people this way. That’s how they get away with murder.The closest that we’ve seen was when Johnathan Swan of Axios, another Aussie, interviewed Donald Trump at the White House and creamed him with facts.

We strut and fret and grab for the pearls and the fainting couches, but you want to know how to shut these characters down, once and for good? Just kill them with truth. Fact check what Trump and his acolytes say in real time and let’s see how long they can hold up. They’re not used to dealing in truth. They’re accustomed to being on Newsmax, OAN, Fox, and other venues where they can say anything they want. They’re used to emotional arguments and spinning yarns. Truth, like holy water, is the only thing that can stop them.

Here’s the full documentary and it is a first rate piece of work. Enjoy.

Here is Part One, if you haven’t seen it.

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  1. After listening to Powell’s interview (the short clips, anyway), I can NOT* imagine ever wanting her to be *MY* attorney–unless I deliberately wanted to lose the case.

    How in the world did she get a legal degree with that voice? I’ve heard relaxation tapes where the speaker/narrator can’t sustain that level of monotone. She’d put a jury to sleep and I’m not sure how a judge would be able to stay awake through the case.

  2. What must have been churning in her mind at the time of those questions, as the reality of their magnitude and the sudden drop-out of the floor beneath her feet ?

    The spinning around, mentally searching for just the right BS statement to return to her comfortable projection of the all-powerful master lawyer, instead of the whistling gasbag she actually is …

    That strange sound these Trump-spewing liars are beginning to hear, unfortunately, is the giant vortex of everything for and about Trump rushing down a huge pipe to hell …

    so amusing, but so very sad for all the families and friends that have, and still are, losing loved ones to Trump’s virus non-management …

  3. How did someone get ahold of her or is she just that easily swayed? Russia has found oodles of “useful idiots” in the government and outside to continue the big lie and even more propaganda. It wasn’t hard to do and damn they have done a great job decimating the minds of the weak, uneducated, fearful…….I could go on and on.
    Wish our MSM was much more direct and attacking as the Australians were.

  4. Powell: “I’m confused right now about why you’re here.” And she accuses the interviewer of working for Smartmatic. Translation: “Gee, I thought you were another right-wing hack promoting the Big Lie! How dare you bring up the truth?!”


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