Marge, oh Marge, you’re giving college graduates a bad name. At least most people who get out of college have some rudimentary knowledge of history and what things were invented when. Very few people think that Marie Antoinette invented the light bulb or that Thomas Edison invented the H-bomb, but these ideas would be revolutionary to the world view of Marjorie Taylor Greene, who thinks that the director of the FBI has been hiding Seth Rich’s laptop for the past 66 years.

Now, first of all, Wray can’t be hiding anybody’s laptop for the past 66 years. There were no laptops 66 years ago. At that point there were no personal computers, period. The age of the PC appearing on desks in offices was the 80’s, not the 50’s.

Seth Rich was born in 1989. Around 2010, laptops became popular and Rich may indeed have owned one, but he didn’t own one since the late 50’s, which is when Marge is talking about. That’s an absolute.

Also, while we’re fact checking on even a rudimentary level, Chris Wray is not a Democrat. He’s a Republican.

But whatever party Wray belongs to, if he is in fact in possession of a 66-year-old laptop, would he please share that with the rest of us? We all want to know. IBM wants to know. The Smithsonian wants to know. People who read comic books want to know. The only one who doesn’t want to know is Marge, who doesn’t want to stretch what little there is of her mind to encompass basic facts about when things actually happened in the real world.


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  1. It’s all part of the MAGA early technology push that brought us covfefe and Jewish Space lasers. 1950s laptops are a small part of this.

    • Hey, Con, don’t say the name of Jewish Space Lasers in vain. I run them things. Have since the late 50’s, notwithstanding I was born in 1961 (and as we know, we NEVER let trivial things like “facts” or “reality” get in the way of Marge’s flights of fantasty.) And also, in case Marge gets to looking, and as everyone on this site well knows, I AM the Learned Elder of Zion. The Russians made a mistake 100 years ago when they created that BS document. They called it the Learned ElderS of Zion. But as I have had to explain “What s’s??? It’s just me. Humble little Bryan running the whole planet from my little home in suburban Montreal. By day, real estate investor/developer. By night, Learned Elder of Zion. Believe me, it’s enough work for one little 61 year old who’s been doing this shit for well over 100 years!!!

  2. I’m confused. The FBI has been hiding a laptop for 66 years? How can that be? George Santos, inventor of the laptop is only half that age!

  3. Q-Anon Karen will believe anything she reads on the Internet.
    Either that, or her staffers know how bone-stupid she is and are punking her.

  4. Hwre in reality its the author and above commenters that are the fools.

    The FBI has requested 66 years to withold releasing the contents of the laptop. Next time GTS first

    Self-ownage abounds.

    • Thank you. I listened to the video. Greene clearly stumbles over Seth Rich’s name, but it is also quite clear that she says that Wray asked the judge to hold on to the laptop for 66 years. Greene said nothing to suggest that she thought that the laptop was 66 years old.

      Ursula, I hope that you will retract this entire column and post an apology for having misheard Greene’s statement. Thank you. Actually, I now see that it has been almost two days since Knollsy Banks posted the comment notifying you of your error. Your retraction is overdue, I would say.

  5. I thought Washington had them all loaded on airplanes when his revolutionary forces secured the airports. Trump assured us the airports were secured so there’s nothing to be concerned about.

  6. No, they *invented* laptops but only gave them to.Rs,,so Seth Rich’s laptop must have been stolen from the GOP…

  7. LOL at all the uneducated, clueless, brainwashed CLOWNS thinking MTG meant the laptop has been hidin’ like Biden for 66 years 😂 wake tf up LOSERS

    • I watched the clip and agree a person might interpret it the way you did. At the same time she wasn’t specific and while you may disagree she’s got a long, VERY long list of bat-sh*t stupid a$$ed statements to her (dis)credit. And she does take pride in promoting a brand of willful ignorance so it’s not crazy to wonder if the Jewish Space Laster gal did mean it the way it was portrayed in the article. It wouldn’t have been the dumbest claim she’s ever made!


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