This is almost too much fun. But not for the 21 year old kid who got busted today for posting Top Secret classified documents on a private chat room on a far right app. But fun for me, since I get to make cool comparisons and stuff.

From where I’m sitting, this never should have happened. Anybody who’s 66 years old can tell you that any 21 year old is interested in two things, getting drunk, and getting laid. From what I’ve heard he actually had a Top Secret security clearance because he worked on computer systems or programs or such that held classified information on them. Can the Air Force actually stand there and say that there wasn’t some 27 year old with a wife and two kids to do the same damn job?

As I understand it from today’s news, the Air Force wants nothing to do with this guy. Apparently they aren’t going to ask the DOJ to turn him over to them for court martial. Instead they’re going to give him a dishonorable discharge, and let the DOJ have their way with him. Which they will, with relish. Make a warning out of him.

And as I write this, I’m wondering which one of Traitor Tot’s K-Mart lawyers are drawing straws, or flipping coins, or playing games of scissors-rock-paper for who has to go and have a heart -to-heart with Diaper Donnie. Because today’s events provide his lawyers to have the perfect Some to Jesus moment here to show just how serious the trouble Trump is in is.

The first point they’ll try to make to him is, Mr. President, the federal government takes this sh*t very seriously. They’re going to kick him out of the military, and turn him over to the federal courts, where he’s going to go to prison for a long time.

To which dumb as a stump replies, Who gives a sh*t? Dumb 21 year old punk. He had no right having access to that kind of material anyway! I’m the President, and you know I’m really still the President! If I say it’s legal, then it’s legal! Those documents are mine!

Which begs the reply, Mr. President, please don’t give that “Automatic Presidential Declassification” gibberish again! Yes, the President has autonomous authority to declassify documents, but after he does, the departments owning those documents take time to compartmentalize and hide any secret information from being exposed. 

For the nth time Sir, you took documents you had no right to, they belong to the people of the United States under the Official Records Act. And you broke National Security law by transporting them to an unauthorized, insecure location. Then you lied about your possession of those documents. They are going to indict you for this, and you don’t have a legal leg to stand on. The first thing you can do to help yourself going forward is to stop maintaining that they were yours in the first place!

Trump: F*ck You! You’re Fired!

Now you know why all of these lawyers are drawing straws and drinking heavily. It’s a suicide mission. But it’s still an attorney’s job to provide his client with sound legal advice. And what’s about to happen to that kid is pretty much a mirror image of what’s waiting for El Pendejo Presidente. And by the looks of it, they’ll be running almost along a parallel track. Good times ahead.

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  1. If I were one of his lawyers I’d do what Comey did when he wrote a “memo to file” detailing a couple of his visits with Trump. Only for Trump’s lawyers I’d do it after every single meeting. If as should happen Trump winds up convicted you know damn well he’s going to appeal and claim ineffective counsel. He’ll make up all kinds of lying b.s. about “they never told me…” and/or “I did exactly what my lawyers told me to do. I told them this/that was a bad idea but they insisted I do and say what I did.” He’ll demand their State Bar(s) initiate proceedings at which point those memos will come in might handy.

    • They also need to work in pairs, and record *everything*, preferably on video. Because the former guy will absolutely lie about everythign he’s said or done, in order to protect his own oversized @ss.

  2. I heard hew as MA Air National Guard. And they’re going to have to deal with 21-year-olds who need to go online and feel like heroes in front of teenaged gamers, and absolutely don’t get that classified information is serious stuff.

    • Worst part is I read elsewhere that he joined up in 2019. At best, we’re looking at his being 18 when he joined; at worst, he was 17. Of course, there’s also the issue he’s even noted the group included racist commentary as a regular feature.

  3. Anyone who doesn’t admit that we have been in a state of war with Russia since 1946 is delusional.
    Both punks must pay for their treason with their lives.
    Nothing less is acceptable.

  4. The feds sure acted quickly to arrest this kid who clearly had no clue. I wonder when 11,000 documents and years of lying and defying the feds will cause the law to arrest frump? Equal justice…right?

  5. As usual you are thinking you are going to get through to probably the biggest moron in US history. You are right in that he will say kid dumba$$ and deserves it. You are also right that he will draw zero conclusions of his own situation. You see, in the first place trump ain’t never gonna draw any comparisons to anyone beneath his station in life. And since that comparison contains exactly one person you might get the point on that. Trump is an enigma and that’s the way it is.


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