Rudy Giuliani is not having a good week, not a tall a tall. He’s got less than eight grand collected, in a pot that he was hoping to fill with $5 Million, to pay for legal fees. Now, he finds himself further disgraced by losing the ability to practice law in Washington, D.C. Not to mention the fact, that if he could have found a client there, one with money to pay, because Donald Trump never did, he couldn’t take the case now anyhow.

The fishing holes are drying up, Rudy.

Again, I would say call Lin or Sidney, but they have problems of their own. There’s always Jenna, but I think her courtroom experience begins and ends with traffic tickets.

The only question I would like answered, and I mean this in all sincerity, is how did Giuliani think that this day would not come? That is an explanation I would pay good money to hear.

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  1. That is a pertinent question (your last one). It applies up and down the “path to Trump white board.” How did these people think that such brazen and open misdeeds would go unnoticed and unpunished?

    Whatever…it doesn’t matter if they saw judgement coming, so long as it comes.

  2. I’m pretty sure you won’t have to pay a dime to hear Rudy’s explanation of how things got to this point. Someone, somewhere in RWNJ media will give him airtime to rant about losing his license. Just be sure to make plenty of popcorn ahead of actually watching the show.

  3. Hitler predicted the Reich would last a thousand years. 12 years, 78 million dead, 67% non military, poison down the throat, bullet in his head. Seems fascists aren’t good at prediction or self awareness. To misquote Pete Townsend’s Tommy…rudy doesn’t know what day it is. He doesn’t know Jesus Christ or what praying is. How can he be saved from the eternal grave? Rudy can you hear me? How can he be saved? Indeed.

  4. I have a general question … if the ghoul can’t defend himself as a lawyer, will the court, in act of kindness, assign him a public defender, his 8k will be eaten up by his monthly rental/mortgage payment … maybe prison will be a step up from living under bridges and in alleys between dumpsters? 3 meals a day, various hobbies/work details to sublimate the terror of extremely large and strong men walking down the hallways, in a low voice saying, “Rudy-Rudy-where are you? Come out and play, we seem to have lost our shuttle-cock for the badminton set …

    Who knows, Rudy looks like a pile of dung most of the time these days, his BS powers have been trimmed to: “Not Me”, Trump made me do stuff”, per the war crime usuals in Europe …

    When you do your best to illegally promote the world’s biggest loser, you will draw the criminal courts like flies on a fresh cow pie in the stockyard … Heh, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of ours: Adam Schiff, he has inside information on nearly everything Trump, and now on the investigating team that will find YOU, if you had one second of involvement with the attack on our Capitol building …


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