Maybe the next time, God forbid there is a next time, that Joe Biden does a pratfall on the steps of Air Force One, Republicans won’t pounce like vultures. (She said rhetorically; you know that they will.)

There are few details available at this time about Mitch McConnell’s contretemps with gravity.

This is somewhere between Biden (and also Mike Pence) momentarily losing their footing on Air Force One and the time Gerald Ford fell after he deplaned entirely from Air Force One and dropped out of the frame of all the cameras that were rolling. You remember how horrific that press was.

McConnell fell at his own home a few years ago and was quite bruised.

He has my sympathy. Falls are things that beset us in our advancing years.


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  1. my dad was such a dick. he had falls, strokes etc. He wouldn’t let me take care of him. died in the care facility.
    mitch, it is time, step down.

    • –I don’t expect him to step down, because I can practiacally see him thinking “Après moi, le déluge.” And, you know, he’d have a point.

      I’ve taken several falls since turning seventy, and sustained some shoulder damage (though thankfully not requiring medical attention), but no concussion. Lickily. I’m definitely not immune; I just haven’t fallen into objects, bur always straight down flat. I do hope the concussion doen’t affect his judgment – not so much for his sake as for ours.

  2. I didn’t realise Mitch was 81. I can only suppose he ran for another 6-year term last year because he thought he would be the Majority Leader again and could go out on top. That isn’t going to happen.

    In fact, he’s likely to lose up to 6 more this year via Jack Smith indictments: Ted Budd (North Carolina), Kevin Cramer (North Dakota), Ted Cruz (Texas), Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Mike Lee (Utah) and Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming), all of whom were caught exchanging text messages with Mark Meadows in the days leading up to Jan 6.

    Maybe the Universe is telling McConnell it’s time for him to go too.

  3. It just occurred to me: I wonder what he’s being treated for? Is it the effects of the fall or the cause of the fall or both? Bruises alone don’t keep a person in hospital for long. But if, for example, he was having a dizzy turn or a stroke which caused him to lose his balance, that could keep him in the hospital for several days while they run tests.

  4. Definitive proof that evil is as mortal as the rest of us. Assuming he was less delusional than Michelle said (no guarantee for ANY Republican), it could also be that he’s been sticking around to make sure his legacy gets SOMEWHAT salvaged from the MAGA demolition derby. But if this fall is severe enough (and I’m convinced that one from years ago was a lot worse than reported), it could well be the sign Michelle says it is on it being time to pack it in.

    • He broke his shoulder in that fall at home several years ago so I don’t necessarily think they tried to hide that it was a serious fall and that he was seriously injured. I actually have some personal life experience that might be relevant. As I’ve mentioned sometimes I was forced into early retirement on disability. Long story about how and my condition but the bottom line is a permanent result of what I went through left me with severed peripheral neuropathy in my lower extremities – and prone to falls. During the first year of that I learned how to get around my apartment using walls, counters and furniture to almost never be away from something I could use to arrest a fall, and never more than one step away. Falls have been a daily part of my life for years now and I’m pretty good at catching myself before I fall all the way down, but sometimes it happens that I fall all the way and when I do I fall hard. Luckily I’ve never been seriously injured when I hit the floor but a couple of times I considered going to the ER. It takes days or sometimes weeks to recover from such falls, at least for me. Add in that a few years back I had to go on a blood thinner and the bruising has been spectacularly colorful to say the least. What I came to fear most was falling when not in my apartment, which is why I relented after multiple suggestions to use a cane for balance, and eventually a walker on days when I was having extra difficulty with balance while out and about. It’s not uncommon for people to become more prone to falls as they age and once a person gets into their 70s, especially if they aren’t athletic/physically active it’s quite common for people to fall. And fall HARD. Still, the relationship between someone’s ability to avoid falls or control them may be completely unrelated to their cognitive function. Their ability to think and reason to put it in plain language. Now, in McConnell’s case those cognitive skills might be (and have been/are) used for awful, despicable purposes I for one don’t doubt that whatever physical problems he might have where his balance is concerned, his mind works just fine. Just for the wrong purposes.

  5. Sorry to hear that Denis. I still work part time with a guy soon to be 94. He was walking twice a day until last year. Then he took a couple of falls, and wasn’t able to break his fall. He recovered but his family put him in a care facility. He feels abandoned. It’s tough. He was very successful as a commercial builder in NY. He is from the stand up, old school values. The staff love him but he is struggling because he is essentially in lock up on a dementia unit due to short term memory issues. He recently fell there outside due to not having his walker with him. I wasn’t there but he looked like he’d been mugged. It took him a week to return to his baseline. He’s a tough guy but getting this old is not an easy road, especially when physical and mental deterioration happens, as it will for all of us lucky enough to get that far. Falls are the #1 risk for injury. I sincerely hope your last fall will be your last.

  6. I have not cared for Moscow Mitch’s politics, but as a human being I hope he recovers, using the nation’s best health care plan that citizens can’t get. And I hope Mitch the Bitch remembers how millions of Americans can not get the same level of care he is getting right now because of him and his pious, petty and greedy Republican friends.

    I hope he makes a full recovery, then recognizes the preciousness of life, and retires. Kentucky deserves a senator–finally–who gives a damn about the people of Kentucky.

  7. Radical…I don’t know about liberal, but looking at the two fascists from that state, you are a radical dreamer. But, hey, dreaming is your right.


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