What a fool believes, he sees. — Doobie Brothers

Mike Lindell’s monomania knows no bounds. He sees stolen elections around every bend. If there are trash bags to be collected, they must be filled with ballots. If he sees a bus go by, it must be filled with illegal aliens on Soros’ payroll. God forbid there’s a funeral procession, Lindell sees it as a sign that the dead will arise and be voting that day.

The 2020 rabbit hole Lindell fell down was not enough, apparently, and so now he’s digging himself another one. He’s casting aspersions on both the New Jersey and Virginia races decided this week.

So that’s the sideshow, now let’s take a look at the main event. Lindell plans a Thanksgiving marathon and featured amongst 96 hours of programming will be none other than Lindell “interviewing” Donald Trump. That should be entertaining.

I can’t wait for the interview. That ought to be something. With what’s left of Lindell’s mind, all he can do is figure out another way to combine outrage with a merchandising scheme. First it was the cyber symposium now it’s the Thanksgiving marathon. And for Trump it’s a chance to pander to the mindless MAGA masses and sell holiday gift wrap and ornaments, so he’s all for it.

One third of America lives in unreality, apparently. That’s the essence of the culture war. That, and the fact that the culture war is a billion dollar business. Here is a clip that went viral when it first came out and it’s worth the replay.

Moral of the story: if you think you’ve seen the craziest one of all, know that there is one crazier still. That said, Lindell is so far holding the trophy. There are few contenders at his level.

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