It’s Friday afternoon. I was going to do a piece on how it wasn’t Thursday, because we were told by Mike Lindell that Thursday was going to be a very special wonderful day and as usual, Thursday came and went and nothing happened regarding his miraculous SCOTUS level lawsuit.

But behold, there is something afoot in litigation land and Lindell says he has filed in Arizona. That makes sense. Arizona’s GOP is desperate to retake the state and apparently they think they can do so by acting as crazy as the Republicans in Florida.

And who should chime in on this monumental case but Alan Dershowitz.

This clip is not enough to really get the gist of the lawsuit and obviously we’ll be coming back to that in an update to this piece or in a subsequent piece.  But if you listened to Dershowitz, I assume he’s talking about Cyber Ninjas. He speaks of “the gubmint” and how the gubmit must be transparent, and any company they hire must be as transparent — so who or what proposition is he defending?

But at least we know to look for more Lindell lunacy this weekend, right? Right.

Now this is a treat. I am ecstatic that I found this clip. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Doesn’t that make your night?

I’m going to go hunt for more information on Lindell’s suit. But this at least gets the ball rolling. I think Lindell didn’t understand that Dershowitz was talking more conceptually about the issues than saying that the suit would be successful, but more will be revealed, as they say.

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      • Oh, Ursula, he doesn’t know jack squat. He’s just basically regurgitating Lindell’s typical “just wait until you see our evidence but I won’t provide any evidence until the judge sets a court date” (despite the fact that’s NOT how the judicial system in this country works).

        • I love to hear these trolls rant. I guess they believe this shit. They must. This is how Lindell sells his crappy pillows, right?

      • They know the orange shit-gibbon is a loser and that just burns their inbred fat asses. Thing is, they ought to be used to it by now.

    • You guys are exactly like Charlie Brown and Lindell is like Lucy PROMISING she won’t yank the football away, but she ALWAYS does. Lindell ALWAYS fails and you people keep going back for more. I’m still waiting to hear results of his “Sting operation” (to find out who funded the “stolen” election), which was the excuse given for Cybers Symposium’s epic fail.

    • sure bubba. you bet. Tx for the pic: it’s always nice to see the idiots. Way better than imagining what they look like…although you may or may not have too many teeth. ROTFLMAO

  1. Um, if Lindell IS talking about Cyber Ninjas and that the “gubmint” must be “transparent,” his suit isn’t going to go anywhere since it was Arizona’s GOP legislators who HIRED Cyber Ninjas to conduct the audit in the first place and the GOP legislators who completely blocked any efforts to demand any transparency (hell, the Democratic legislators wanted to know why they were hired in the first place since THEY HAD NO EXPERIENCE IN POLITICAL AUDITING but the GOP refused to answer).

    • That was my perception exactly, hence the headline. We all agree in transparency, that’s not an issue. Where is this spectacular *%#@ evidence, is the only question? I haven’t heard word one about that.

  2. That damned bastard would pick my state, Arizona, in which to do that. We had enough trouble with that Maricopa County illegal recount. Now this? I wish he would stick his head into one of his pillows and never come back out.



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