OMG, this is wonderful. Michael Cohen is on a roll about how Donald Trump not only couldn’t stand his daughter-in-law and made fun of her but so did all the Trumps. And none of them wanted Eric to marry her. Although I must say, I think Eric and Lara are a perfect match, both vapid and witless as they come.

Cohen is right that the RNC is going to funnel money straight into Von Shits In Pants’ pocket. With his handpicked henchman and his daughter-in-law running the show? Puh-leeze.

This is going to go down in one of two ways, either one of which will make a statement about the future, if any, of the Republican party:

  1. Either Michael Whatley and Lara Trump will end up as co-chairs of the RNC and then the RNC actually will become a dime store front for MAGA; or
  2. The 168 member board that has to vote for RNC leadership may choose to vote for other people. Now that would be epic. Because that would mean that the RNC is in fact rejecting Trump having the keys to the cash register and being somewhat independent of him.

I am not holding my breath for option two.

Now the reason this is so significant is also two-fold:

  1. In the past, Trump has gone out of his way to say that he and the RNC were two separate entities and he didn’t know much about them or what they did. That sham would be gone;
  2. What about everybody else, as in the down ballot? This is where it’s going to get nuts. If Trump is sucking up all the money for his legal bills, that won’t leave money for anybody else’s race. What then?

These are the questions we need to see answered and we will see them answered soon. Ronna steps down the end of this month, or before, right after the South Carolina primary. Then let’s see if Trump is coronated in March, which he may well be.

Then we’ll see if the RNC just gives him the farm. Here, Donald, this is all we have. Take it all. Take our money, our emails lists, our database, our research, all our expertise and use it to bury us.

Wow. This is going to be something.


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  1. Von Shitz his pants made me laugh. Cohen gets points for that. That’s another thing we should be pounding on non-stop. 45’s personal hygiene or lack thereof.

    • I just thought of something, I have not seen a response from tRump about this revelation of his publicly emptying his bowels. I would think it would cause him to blow up. My guess is he never reads anything on twitter/X, only posting things there and no one has the nerve to tell him to his face.

  2. “keys to the cash register” indeed. If that 168 member board chooses dingleberry’s two people, the rnc can kiss every single cent it takes in good-bye. Nobody down-ballot will get squat. Makes dem election prospects rosy. Very rosy. This upcoming election has largely been the democrats’ to lose they’ve got so much ammo against the ‘pubes. Add to that the money spigot shutting off for republican candidates across the country- federal, state, etc.- and the potential for absolute disaster looms large for the g.o.p.

    I can see it now, that tone deaf tw*t will spend much of what the rnc has/gets on putting out an album with her out of tune screeching. Well, whatever is left after dingleberry takes his cut. ROTFLMAO!

    • RNC isn’t much for the down ballot, that would be the RCCC and RSCC. But they run the convention. It would be so funny to see that go down the tubes. tacky cheap entertainment like he gets at MAL.
      or maybe that’s what he wants? Just crown me, don’t bother with the convention?

  3. Sounds like the perfect job until she goes to the entrance of Hell. By the way Lara, don’t worry about backing down at the entrance…since you’re a music fan…maybe you’ve heard this line by the Eagles in Hotel California…’you can check out anytime you want…but you can never leave’.

  4. I even saw an interview with “Janice the Muppet” where she came right out and said that the main goal of the RNC was to get Donald Trump elected.
    The down-ballot races will be starved out. Hopefully this will help Dems across the board.


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