Imagine Eva Gabor trying to play Marie Curie and you start to get the flavor of this thing. I wish I had a transcript of this. I’ve listened to the beginning eight times and I can’t figure out what she’s saying. It sounds like “I emphasized legislation” — how exactly, pray tell? She drew a circle in lipstick around a portion of the congressional record and slipped it under a congressman’s door with a note: “Vote for theees, honey, and I’ll make it worth your while.”

I am so honestly lost here. See if you can understand WTF she’s saying.

She created something that “elevated important issues.” What, an in-box wearing clog heels? If you could understand that part of the sentence, you’d have it nailed.

Did anybody ever hear about any of this? Melania and foster care? Melania and sickle cell disease? Melania and neo-natal care? Anybody?

See this is what I’ve been saying, how the culture war we’re in is like the TV show Counterpart. Melania’s counterpart in the next dimension is a woman of intelligence, knowledge and social conscience, and she did these things. The woman in this parallel universe is dumb as a rock and likely never heard of the things that she’s now claiming to have assiduously worked for as First Lady. All we know for sure is that she “worked” her “ass off” on the “fucking Chreeesmuss decorations.” And we have the photo ops to prove it, so that we believe. And I remember her destroying the Rose Garden and finishing the tennis pavillon. None of this other stuff, not a word.

The truth is, the only way Melania elevated foster care is because her husband killed so many people with COVID-19 that a lot of kids were orphaned — but this is an interesting spin on that stat, I’ll say that much.

The fact that she touts “social emotional learning” is a drop dead scream. A key element of that is feeling empathy for others. Why not try it on Donald? If anybody needs that training, you’re married to it.

Let’s look on the bright side. At least Abe Lincoln is dead and can’t see his name dragged through the mud like this.

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  1. I still can’t get over that she’s been in the U.S., what? 25 years? And her English is still barely coherent. I have a friend from Mexico who’s been in the country the same amount of Tim & you could not tell her first language wasn’t English (except that she talks really fast but you could attribute that to her being excitable).

  2. “Imagine Eva Gabor trying to play Marie Curie and you start to get the flavor of this thing.”

    Actually, I *can* imagine that and I’m willing to bet that Eva could play Mme Curie with very little difficulty (and probably could’ve her done her own dubbing for foreign markets–most sources indicate she spoke French and German in addition to her native Hungarian and her adopted English) and done far better with the role than Melania Trump ever showed in her attempted performance as “First Lady.”

    • I don’tthink Ursula was thinking of the actual Eva Gabor, but of the typical characters she played. Imagine Liane d’Exel from Gigi trying to play Marie Curie, for instance.

  3. Here’s a crazy idea. Attack the substance, but be an adult and don’t attack her accent. Ranks right up there with our dipshit ex President making fun of … well, just about everybody.

    Never heard of you guys before, this does not make me eager to read more from you.

    • Substance? U must be kidding. U know like her ahole evil nazi husband taking responsibility for violating the asylum laws & destroying thousands of kids by ripping them from their families, some who still are reunited? Or destroying our respect & alliances with all out allies since Ww2, which was bought by the blood of 400,000 American boys, he couldn’t bother to honor in Normandy because of a little rain, having lied about bone spurs to avoid service? Or learning about covid in November 2019, caught on tape knowing full well it was deadly & easily spread, & while vaccinated himself, went on TV day after day lying & blaming the democrats for a hoax that has conservatively killed 740,000 Americans & counting? Or grifting time and again to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the taxpayers? Or standing up for the nazis in Virginia as fine people after their march for white supremacy kills a young woman? Or working with our enemy. Russia to steal the presidency in 2016 & impeached TWICE for trying to do it again? Or for violating the peaceful protesters in DC with rubber bullets & tear gas so he could get a photo op with holding the Bible upside down? Or, planning, implementing, & standing by while his violent attempt was made to overthrow our democracy, getting 5 people killed & 140 police officers injured? Or lying over 40,000 times & STILL LYING which has led a third of our country into a deadly fascist cult? I could go on but I’m not sure how much “substance” u fucking want. So I can easily understand ur bruised ego over something as important as you brought up. Give me a fucking break. If these nazis drag President Lincoln’s name into their hypocrisy, then I say any goddamn thing is fair game.

    • I think “I never heard of you guys before” says a lot about your agenda. In fact, failure to learn to speak the language of the country where you have acquired citizenship — while being married to a man who demonizes immigrants and wanted to end immigration entirely — is lazy, privileged and contemptuous. This woman’s husband would undoubtedly insist that all other immigrants learn to speak English flawlessly or be deported. How she speaks is very indicative of what she thinks of this country — and her endless contempt for it.

    • Well Sir, everybody doesn’t feel the same way you do. In spite of the Donald Trump disaster, the freedoms of choice & expression live on

  4. The clip is blurry but it looks like she’s wearing glasses. When has she ever been photographed wearing glasses? Is this her way of trying to look more studious and intellectual and deserving of such and award because even she knows it’s BS on a burger to please her husband?
    Log Cabin Republicans are wealthy and that’s more important to them than the rights and respect the GOP has been working to deny them and their fellow LGBQT. I guess when you have enough money, you can buy whatever rights you need.

  5. Some say she has not done much. But, but she has elevated the status of the street walkers.
    Many congressmen were pushed across the finish line by them

  6. It is such disgrace! This woman can hardly speak clear English and probably doesn’t know WTF she is talking about. What a LOOSER! Like her Huuuge Orange BLOB!

  7. I agree with Miranda. I’ve watched the clip four or five times and still can’t understand what the hell she’s talking about. The echo chamber is ever-present and she’s not. Too bad we can’t see what’s on the teleprompter in front of her.


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