I guess Donald managed to dig deep enough in the couch cushions or got another mortgage on a property, something, because he does have his wifey at his side tonight. She’s there physically, in any event, where her mind is nobody has a clue. You can take a look at her yourself, rocking to and fro, the perpetual squint seeming even more pronounced in the twilight, if that’s possible.

She always distinguishes herself with color, frequently neon or psychedelic colors like this dress. She’s also shown up in electric yellow, neon puce with an orange belt, anything to get the attention on her. And then of course there’s the more toned down times when she has passive-aggressively worn grey at a funeral, rather than black. It’s as if she’s not there unless she’s the center of attention and all eyes are on her. She and Trump are a perfect match.

Here’s her close up, Mr. DeMille. She seems unsure as to what to do with the muscles of her face. Is it laugh time, cry time? Man, you would think that these AI engineers would perfect human emotion in these robots a little better than they have, wouldn’t you? She’s starting to remind me of Ron DeSantis. Maybe they have the same acting coach and/or robotics engineer, who can’t quite dial it all in right.

She does not look happy. And she does not look well. In fact, she even looks like she’s in pain somewhat, so is the pain emotional or physical? Or both? Remember, Kimberly Guilfoyle did a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago recently where she looked like she was in physical pain?

If you took these photos out of context, and you had no idea who these women were standing next to this fat orange man with the strange hair, would you perceive either of these women to be happy or overjoyed to be standing there with him?

What I think has happened here is that there was such a stink when she didn’t show up yesterday to pick up her *award* that Trump laid it on the line and said she had to show up today.

This woman in no way looks enthusiastic about:

  1. What Trump is saying;
  2. The idea of going back to the White House;
  3. The idea of doing these kinds of gigs on a regular basis;
  4. This Saturday in Florida (or maybe any Saturday night anywhere that involves standing next to that man.)

One thing I think we do have in common with Melania: I don’t think she wants him to win, either. I think for personal reasons she wants all this to be over and live a private life. I sincerely hope she gets her wish. She’s not cut out for this kind of life and it is painful to watch her even attempt to pretend to be. She belongs at the spa and doing Pilates and reading fashion magazines. The rest of us deserve a First Lady who is a First Lady and who will bring dignity to the role, not make it into a sham and a farce.


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  1. I see someone who has had a serious health issue and is on strong medication. Also I agree she appears to be using a cane. She will NOT be doing many appearances if any at all.

    • She literally looks like she’s trying to animate her features but not quite sure what the effect is she’s trying to get. She could just stand there and listen to him and not do anything. That’s what most people would do, I think.

  2. Here you go “Melanie”:

    Four short blinks, then pause
    One short blink, then pause
    Short blink, long blink, two short blinks, then pause
    Short blink, two long blinks, short blink, then pause four or five seconds and repeat.

    That translates to:
    dot dot dot dot or the letter H
    dot or the letter E
    dot dash dot dot or the letter L
    dot dash dash dot or the letter P

    Now, I know the talk about you speaking seven languages is bullshit. I don’t recall even seeing a list of those supposed languages but I’m sure Morse Code isn’t among them. And it’s not easy to learn, especially as an adult. But we’re only talking four letters here and surely you can learn those four. Take some time from practicing your slightly parted lips in the supposed “come hither” look like you’re still a “model” and practice blinking out four letters of Morse Code. Not that i care about you, but if I never see you again it would be nice. Signal “HELP” and maybe someone will rescue you and get you and Barron out of the country and we won’t have to ever see you again.

    • Now, surely the standard in Morse for ‘help’ would be

      . . . – – – . . .

      ps I also have seven languages – (Irish, Scots Gaelic, Manx, German, French, Latin and English)

      and this
      _ . _ . _ _ . _ _ . _?

      Just saying LOL

  3. “She’s there physically, in any event, where her mind is nobody has a clue.”

    Probably thinking of Marc Knopfler’s lyric so achingly presented by Tina Turner in “Private Dancer”:

    You keep your mind on the money
    Keeping your eyes on the wall

    If not that, then probably something along the lines of “Think of Slovenia.” (Paraphrasing the old “maternal wedding advice” to young women in England: “Lay back and think of England.”)

  4. come on ,Melania, just say it ,you can’t stand the SOB, it would make you feel so much better , and I’m sure it would be worth much more than being forced around that creep

  5. It would not surprise me even if she is getting 100K+ per appearance from numb-nuts, she has to drug herself to get through the ordeal. Between his asinine looks, speaking, and that stench, she has to do something to stand there calmly without a look of abject horror/disgust.


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