I don’t know who peed in Megyn Kelly’s Cheerios this morning, but I do wish he or she would make it a regular habit, because every time one of these “conservative” News talkers engages in the kind of blatant hypocrisy she displayed today it does nothing but drive right thinking folks further from their camp.

First Lady Jill Biden attended the Philadelphia Eagles playoff game today as a guest of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and the television commentator, quite rightly, called her as “Dr.” Jill Biden. Because that is how people refer to you when you have put in the work to earn a Doctoral Degree in Education.

Megyn, always on the look out to rehabilitate herself with the MAGA morons after, in one of her more honest moments, disparaged their idiot idol drumpf, pretended to get her knickers in a twist at the use of the title…

… although she quite happily uses it when tweeting about the Dragon of Budapest…

Well, Ron Filipowski’s followers had some words for Megyn:






Of course she does.





Megyn Kelly should just shut the hell up.

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  1. Move over Ann Coulter – Megyn Kelly is coming for your spot as MAGA fantasy spank material. With Coulter having trashed Trump (for now at least) the spot is open. Maybe Kelly will pose in a flag bikini like Coulter did! Seriously though, Kelly is an actual lawyer which means she earned the title Juris Doctor upon graduation from law school. Doctor of Law, a three year course of study instead of the two it once took to earn a LL.B or Bachelor of Law. So hey Megyn, I’m sure you’ve been proud of being a JD instead of a mere LL.B all these years. Are you going to trash all your fellow Juris Doctors? I somehow doubt it.

    • Kind of funny because lawyers may be the only folks with doctorates who do NOT title themselves “Doctor.”

      You think her next target will be “Dr” Martin Luther King, Jr? I mean, his doctorate was only in religion so it’s not any more valid than education, right?

      Maybe someone should ask Kelly why a PhD in “political science” is more valuable in her opinion than a PhD in education?

  2. Megyn…here’s a tidbit for you…all the degrees in the world doesn’t mean you have character. That’s your problem…no integrity.

  3. Great story about this from my years in graduate school. My wonderful mentor/professor, PhD, at a university in North Carolina wondered why her local telephone directory listing did not allow her honorific Dr. especially since in the yellow pages, MDs were classified as “Physicians and Surgeons.” She called the company to find out, and was told that even in the white pages, the company preferred not to confuse users seeking “real” doctors. Her reply: “Whatever you may think you are doing, please allow me to explain that since ancient times, universities have been bestowing doctorates on folks like me, while your ‘real doctors’ were still cutting hair and applying leeches!” Cheers for DOCTOR BIDEN!!

  4. The irony here is that doctors of philosophy (a broad category which enompassed most things outside medicine) were the forst doctors, and remained so for centuries. It was MDs, when they came along (after Europe started listeing to Muslim physicians) were the johnnie-come-latelies who didn’t have “real” doctorates. And even after other specialties were recognized, surgeons remained “Mr.” If surgeons in the UK are finally allowed to call themselves “Dr,” that only happened in about the last 80 years – they were considered just glorified barbers.

    Personally, I lean a bit towards doctorates which require a thesis — but factually, all doctorates are doctorates.


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