It’s a phenomenon of both psychology and human nature that self-loathing individuals go after and persecute the very thing that they are. We’ve seen self-loathing Blacks, Jews, gays, you name it, revile the group of people that they themselves belong to.

So into that mix comes this fellow, one Dave Todeschini, who is a QAnon decoder.

Toseschini has all the answers about QAnon, adrenochrome, various celebrities and Democratic politicians. He knows they’re all pedophiles and a pedophile is the worst thing you can be. And he’s in a position to know, because he is one.

This is one documentary I’m going to watch.

What I find particularly Orwellian about this is that small children are being indoctrinated into QAnon. This clip is disturbing.

More on this disturbing subset in the American culture war.

This is very sobering material, especially the clips involving children. No good can come of teaching kids that life is one way, when in fact it is another. Remember Derek Black? He was the son of white nationalist Don Black, and the two of them had a radio show in the mornings, where guests like David Duke would abound and discuss KKK doctrine. Young Derek finally got into college and away from the insulated bubble he had been brought up in and it was quite a shock.

Derek Black later went on to renounce his white supremacist beliefs and that is a source of some controversy as well, whether he honestly renounced the views or pragmatically renounced them, because he didn’t want to be a social pariah anymore.

We’ll never know. But I see the exact same path ahead for QAnon kids when they get to college, the armed services, and other environments where reptiles and the Rothschilds are not feared and reviled because they’re not deemed to be in charge. The smart ones, the ones with survival instincts, will rise to the occasion and do what’s needed to get ahead and I frankly don’t know what will happen with the others.


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