You thought the Munsters or the Addams family were strange? That was long before you met the Trumps. Once again, we have the brainy psychologist niece, Mary Trump, call the shot on one of the cousins, or in this case, cousin-in-law. Is there such a term? I’ve never seen it before, but it looks right.

Jared Kushner is the guy in question, in any event, and Mary Trump raises a stellar point in a clip you’re about to see. Jared got $2 billon from the Saudis for his investment fund and very little has been made of that fact. Shockingly little, in fact.

Could it be that the reason that a giant red flag like that is being ignored is because Jared decided to strike a deal with the feds?

Now we have both Michael Cohen and Mary Trump going on record that Jared Kushner is the likely suspect in who ratted out Trump.

What is Donald going to do with this, is the question? Because if Jared did it, then Ivanka knows, right? And that’s the most plausible explanation.

As well you recall, Ivanka and Jared got out of Washington immediately after the riot at the Capitol. They decided to move to Florida and they hightailed it out of town. It’s very likely that Kushner had the investment plans set up with the Saudis and he was hedging his bets, if Trump wins, no problem. If Trump loses, then he can say what he knows and not be investigated for his Saudi ties, also no problem.

I think Donald Trump got outmaneuvered by Jared Kushner. Once Trump figures that out, there is going to be major hell to pay. Trumpty Dumpty will boil in his shell when he parses this one through, I guarantee.

Ketchup bottles, beware.

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  1. With this crew, it’s hard to figure out who has enough intelligence to know what was going on and extricate themselves without incurring prison time. It could be Jared, it could be Ivanka (that would burn the most), it also could be Meadows. I have the popcorn standing by waiting for the indictments.

  2. I saw a piece today, where they said that one of Trump’s lawyers is telling him that if he announces he is NOT running in 2024, all the lawsuits will stop. Basically, she is saying they’re just doing this because they don’t him to run again. This is either nuts or legal malpractice, but either way she is feeding his delusions.

    • Someone needs to remind him and his lawyers that this is a criminal investigative/prosecution for crimes actually committed, not a persecution. Nothing will save him from punishment for the crimes he has committed against this country.

    • I know the clip you’re referring to. I think it was Alinna Habba who said that. That is complete stupidity coming from a lawyer. The odds of all these charges simply getting dropped if Trump just says he won’t run again are non existent. But, it sounds good to the people who don’t know anything.

      This is the new normal of our world. The GOP is actively catering to people who don’t know how things work and openly lying to them. Politics has always had its share of puffery and lies, but not like this.

  3. Jeffrey Clark was outside his house in jammies when FBI did a warrant on him. Not saying he snitched but it’s interesting. I always though Mark Meadows but Kushner makes sense. How to protect his wife.

    • I keep waiting for Mark Meadows to put Trump away for good. I have been saying for some time that he’s the linchpin, the key to the puzzle, etc. I truly believe that.

    • What would be her motivation? The more trouble Trump gets in, the more it must be unpleasant for her. Or, maybe she just closets herself away and doesn’t even talk to him much. This I have heard.

      I’ve heard both extremes, that the two of them are thick as thieves and totally alike and that they rarely talk to one another. Both possibilities are plausible, that’s why it’s hard to know.

  4. The feds are not inclined to cut a deal prior to an investigation. There are finger prints on the boxes to see who opened them but the canary is known. Too big not to slip out. Someone will flip when he’s indicted. Capone was sent up the river for taxes not multiple murders. Jail time for espionage is fitting. I hope Hillary is able to wave goodbye to him.

  5. By releasing the names of members of the FBI team who signed off on the search documents to Breitbart, he’s just added ‘reckless endangerment’ to the charge list.

    The names were redacted on the court released documents to protect the agents concerned – Don John just painted a target on their backs



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