I must say, nothing but nothing is more hilarious than watching one of the folks at Fox News wax Walter Cronkite and become “serious journalists.” I wish that Dan Rather would chime in on this but he’s too much of a gentleman to punch down. Mark Levin had Donald Trump on his show, yet once again, and clips from that opus will go out for days or even weeks, as these things are wont to do. But check out this piece of tape, because this is classic. Levin fawns on Trump and stops just short of fellating him.

If Fawning Sycophancy was a sport at the Olympics, Levin would take away the gold, hands down.

I have never seen anything like this described as an “interview” by a “journalist.” This is more along the lines of what a hyper-infatuated groupie would say to a rock star — assuming the groupie was 12 and had been locked away somewhere where the rock star’s music was the only thing he had ever heard in his life.


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  1. That’s the longest time EVER that Trump has just listened and hasn’t interrupted the speaker!!! Wonder why!! Maybe he was having an organism? Nah too old and shriveled!

  2. Trump’s Magas are spewing antisemitic hatred and Jewish Mark Levin is groveling at his feet and lovingly extolling his greatness. WTF is going on?


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