Well, we all knew that this had to happen eventually, and most likely sooner. After the Dominion Voting Machine defamation lawsuit debacle, and the sudden ousting of MotherTucker, pretty much anybody at FUX News who was mentioned in a text or e-mail had to have fire sweat all over them.

And tonight we saw the first indications of what the FUX News prime time lineup is going to look like in the post Dominion/Carlson era. And if you’re a typical pompous, overstuffed MAGA moron looking for a free pass on FUX in primetime to boost your campaign finances, you just night want to watch out. Because Here there be tigers.

Earlier tonight, GOP House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer went onto disgraced FUX News host Maria Bartiromo’s show to spew some sh*t. He went off on how the committee had multiple whistleblowers, who could show the insane corruption of the Biden family, but they had nothing to show for it.

And rather than let Comer sit there and belch out insubstantial nonsense, Bartiromo plunged in like a shark with chum in the water. Comer said something like, The problem is that whistleblowers by nature tend to be anonymous, so we’re trying to track them down. To which Bartiromo responded, Well, if they contacted you as whistleblowers, then they must have left you some kind of contact information with which to stay in touch with them, right? To which Comer huffed and blustered, Well, that’s what we’re trying to track down.

Look, Traitor Tot and his MAGAt’s just cost FUX News $787 million to Dominion. And there are at least two more lawsuits out there that could cost them even more. FUX News can no longer afford to continue to just sit there and provide the MAGA morons a free platform in which to spew their sh@t. because that way leads to more lawsuits.

And this guilt slops over to pretty much every FUX News prime time personality who had their names and texts and e-mails splashed all over the news as a part of the public disclosures in the Dominion lawsuit. By far the worst was Bartiromo, from released contacts it appears that she actually drank the Kool Ade. But Jeanine Shapiro, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham were all caught gleefully spreading slander and defamation against Dominion in service of Glorious Bleater.

Which puts all of these video personalities on the meat hook. Because the Dominion lawsuit didn’t cost FrankenTrump or the GOP MAGAt’s anything. And they’re all still sitting there, expecting a warm welcome to spout off claptrap and swell their campaign coffers.

But tonight Maria Bartiromo fired a shot across the MAGAt’s bow. And why wouldn’t she? Her, along with Hannity, Shapiro, and Ingraham are officially on probation. For at least until the lawsuits are over, they are going to have to at least pay lip service to the FUX News logo of fair and balanced. They are going to have to push back against the tidal wave of unmitigated GOP bullsh*t.

So GOP House Trumptards like Machine Gun Marjie, Sugar Daddy Matt Gaetz, and especially Gym Bag Jordan are on notice. If they’re going to appear on FUX News prime time shows and just start shoveling sh*t around, they had better be ready for some serious pushback. Because FUX can’t afford to keep giving possible future litigants any more ammunition. The free ride is over.

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  1. Bartiromo may have “fired a shot across the MAGAts bow” by questioning some of Comer’s bullshit, but she still allowed him to sit on camera and spout a litany of lies about the Bidens, including witness intimidation “from the White House.” When she asked the identity of such intimidators, Comer replied that he knew but was “saving that for later.” Yeah right. FUX will never abandon its stance as a platform for Fascism, because that’s in its DNA, directly from the Murdoch scum at the top. At best, FUX’s talking heads will cover their own ugly asses but let the MAGAts spread their lies regardless.



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