Speaking before the assembled idiots and cult members of his newly formed “Club 45” adherents in West Palm Beach tonight, dumbass took a time out from ribbing potential 2024 opponent Ron Sanctimonious for his poor showing on Staten Island this afternoon (where it was reported “dozens” of supporters showed up)…

Florida Politics

“Former President Donald Trump continues to make dissatisfaction with Ron DeSantis a centerpiece of his presidential campaign, as the two appear to be on a collision course in the 2024 GOP Primary.

“I always say hit your enemy a little early. Some people say don’t. But I say do,” Trump contended Monday, amid a speech with more than one slam of the Florida Governor.

Addressing the Trump 45 Club in West Palm Beach Monday, Trump tweaked DeSantis on crowd size, comparing his event to a smaller one in New York that was part of the Florida Governor’s multi-city speaking tour to police unions.

“Ron DeSanctimonious had a crowd on Staten Island today. 139 people on Staten Island. We’ve got a lot of people. We’ve got 139 times 30,” Trump said, perhaps engaging in hyperbole.”

…and, in the time honored tradition of lead-poisoned Roman despots, sociopathic cult leaders and bad husbands everywhere demanded “absolute, undying support” from his MAGA base.

Though I doubt he much cares if they are undying or not.

Take it away, shitbag…

He then pivots to “burning down” the CIA and the FBI…

Yeah, good luck with that, traitor tot…

Much too long.

You can’t expect him to remember what he said two bumps ago…

Yep, especially if they make fun of him.


Beats the fuck out of me 🤷‍♂️

With content like that they won’t be for long.

It’s increasing hard to believe anyone takes this blowhard seriously anymore.

That stubborn streak of stupid really runs deep in this country.

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  1. What blows me away is that Trump actually believes that media outlets are suffering because they don’t have him on their platforms like they used to. He doesn’t grasp that the interest in things Trumpian has waned. It’s not like it used to be, where every idiocy brought immediate headlines and all eyes were on him.

    He’s a cultural freak, still, but he’s nowhere near as scary. The same crazy headlines that people were transfixed by years ago, they just say “meh” and move on to another piece.


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