Do you recall Biden’s Inauguration Day? It seemed like the angels from heaven showed down through the cold and kept the sun in place while also keeping Trump away from all the goodness (and Pence was there, showing that there was some hope, some, that things could be normalized in MAGA land), many people remember “The Poem,” as is appropriate whenever Maya Angelou also seems to descend from the heavens, inspires a teen girl, and remember a great speech by Biden that made everyone sigh with relief?

I remember that on Inauguration Day, “Mrs. Obama” was trending because she looked so damned beautiful.

Of course, she always was and surely always will be about as beautiful as it gets.

To the MAGAs however, she was black – which automatically means that she’s not beautiful. Furthermore, Michelle worked out, I mean really worked out, and – like a lot of people who spend a lot of time developing serious muscle, like to show it off occasionally. The muscles brought out the ape jokes (not funny, hatred.) and all the ugliness one expects.

Now, with LGBTQ rights in vogue, we are getting this. Ron Filipkowski specializes in monitoring the MAGAs. That is nearly all he does. If he says it’s been a conspiracy theory for a while, you can take it to the bank that it’s a conspiracy that Obama is gay and Michelle is trans.

This is one of his follow-up posts:

And the burden of proof is on us, I guess:

Look at Malia Obama. Tell us who she looks like. Now look at Sasha, and tell us who she looks like. No paternity test needed, stupid fffffs.

Disgusting people. This has been my day to wade through the MAGA sewer and report what I have found. It’s more hateful than ever.


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  1. I give you credit along with Joe, Ursula and others who keep your attention focused on this vat of maggots. I’ve revealed before I was married to a black lady, whom I’m still friends with after our divorce. I’ve also been with a dark skinned lady from Alabama for almost 17 years. I’m prejudiced. I find black women more beautiful than my own race. I also find I fit in better with black culture than my own race. We live in a liberal educated area but still encounter disapproving looks from white people. It’s tragic our culture never listened to Dr. King about how character is the most important aspect of a person. I also find it crazy they knock Michelle but think the blond horse face from Georgia is all that. Envy. Pure and simple. Michelle is beautiful, accomplished in her own right, and has more class than those assholes could ever hope to achieve. Fact.

  2. A YouTuber I follow regularly has so rather unkind if justified thoughts on this MAGA crowd. One of his regular refrains is that these people don’t even qualify as human. Total BS, of course…he’s confusing “human” with “humane”. Still, moments like this do a lot to argue for his position.

  3. Truth. Unless you have a similar experience you don’t know what you’re talking about. No. I don’t find disapproval from black folks. Surprise maybe occasionally but that’s to be expected given the ‘you are less than white people’ culture they’ve endured for 240 years and counting.

  4. This one is old. I have heard about it since the early part of Obama’s term.
    Trans seems to be the ugliest slur MAGAts can lob at someone, though they don’t realize that it is only offensive to other MAGAts.

  5. These people. Deplorable wasn’t a strong enough word. My theory is some prominent MAGA saw some women, thought they were stunning, hit on them, asked them for drinks, what have you, only they later find out they are Transwomen.

    Their minds go on overactive meltdown. They sputter around, “No, I’m not gay, there’s no way.” After they have their meltdowns they go about pushing legislation going after the teams community and drag queens. They get their buddies to jump on board so it appears it’s the MAGA message and not just the message of a few “I’m not gay” angry men.

    Obviously, some are passing these because the themselves have something to hide (I’m looking at you DeSantis, buddies with Gaetz, Greenberg, the CPAC guy, and someone else that was accused of sexual impropriety who later committed suicide, not to mention Epstein found refuge in a state he repped, just saying, he DOES protest too much).

    I digress—back to Michelle Obama, the most beautiful First Lady we’ve ever had, with arms I would kill for. She has style and grace and beauty and that just brings them up to no end.

  6. That meme has been around since Michelle became the first Black First Lady. She is tall for a,woman. She does strength training. If she were white they would be making envious comments about her toned, shapely arms, as I once heard them do about Cameron Diaz (For the record, Diaz has arms that are just skinny and look thin, not toned). They also believe that calling someone gay or trans is the worst insult you can use.
    Michelle Obama is a tall woman with a healthy lean muscle mass and curves. She is athletic. She actually has accomplishments, unlike Melanoma whose only achievement seems to be a,Cosmo.cover and girl/girl softcore porn. I love the fact that after 8,years appeasing white voters, she is letting her hair go natural and wearing less preppy clothes. She’s gorgeous and unique. Melanie is generic.


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