This is a first. I never thought Louie Gohmert, the man who wanted to change the orbit of the moon to affect climate change, and I would ever agree on anything, but we do agree on this.

Go ahead and pinch yourself, I know I did.

This is classic. The last time I said, “Whut?” like this was the day Trump bragged about his person, woman, man, camera, TV test, right there on live television. I didn’t think that one could be topped, or bottomed, I should say, but Congressman Gohmert just proved me wrong.

This begs the question, do the other extreme GOPers feel the same way? Or do Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert think they’re there to explain the finer points of Supreme Court rulings to us? They both do go on about the constitution at some length. We know that Madison Cawthorn thinks he knows something about foreign policy nowadays.

Now here’s what’s funny. I think he was trying to joke and he expected the interviewer to stop him and stroke his ego, “Oh, pshaw Congressman! You’re very smart! Why you’re running for Attorney General of the Great State Of Texas! That’s no job for a fool!” Only she didn’t quibble because she agrees that he’s an idiot and that’s the only reason people have him on shows like hers.

Thank God he’s not trying to get appointed Surgeon General.  This is the man who said, “I also believe wearing a mask spreads the virus. I also tell my doctors not to bother washing their hands or wear a mask.” And then he got COVID.

Or, maybe I’m overthinking this, as usual. I thought Paul Gosar was making a deep psychological confession about himself when he posted a video showing a distorted image of himself looking like a widened out monster strolling through the halls of Congress. I took it as a cry for help and it turned out that Gosar was just imitating his idol Vladimir Putin, who posted the same image a few days earlier. I should have realized Gosar didn’t have enough imagination to create a meme on his own, silly me.

The moral of the story is, “Don’t try to ascribe vast meaning to half-vast people.” And if anybody is half-vast, it is Louie Gohmert.

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  1. Is the Capitol building handicapped accessible? Do all the doors read “push” when they actually “pull,” just to keep Congress critters on their toes? Person, woman, man, camera, tv! Jackpot!!!!


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