Look what is going to circle the White House today, and every day for three weeks!


Claude Taylor, veteran of 3 presidential campaigns and who served on the Clinton White House staff (according to his Twitter account), posted this yesterday.  Mad Dog Pac is planning to circle the White House with their portable billboards pasted on the side of trucks like, well, a pack of wild dogs!

Mad Dog Pac were the ones who installed the ‘Impeach Trump’ billboard right outside of Mar-a-Lago.  Can’t wait to see how furious this makes Trump, watching them circle 5 days a week, 8 hours a day…

Wish I were there!!

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  1. If Trump wanted wall trump most gives affordable Medicaid for all
    No childrens separations
    No dreamer deport
    No more guns
    No more NRA
    Degorate Ice
    Degorate board patrol
    Show the taxes
    And kick all his family from USA government business
    If Trump wanted that wall it will cost that and more


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