Things are quiet, today, finally. The GOP celebrated Kevin McCarthy’s ascent to Speaker of the House like they’d won the Revolutionary War. They preened and peacocked about what a great Congress this is going to be.

If you buy that for ten seconds, you better start looking to buy bridges in Brooklyn as well.

What we saw last night was a dramatic power shift in this country. Nancy Pelosi said that the Speakership was shrinking incredibly. Along with that shrinkage is the growth of the power of what I’m choosing to call the MAGA Composite, or MC. My belief is that that’s who’s running the show now, not McCarthy. Take a look at what the Lincoln Project said about this last November.

They re-released the video today.

January 7, 2022 When we released this ad in November, we told you there would be no compromise with the Ultra-MAGA if they won. This week they showed a willingness to take the nation hostage to further their own corrupt ambitions. 

The MAGA movement is the American version of the Taliban. Like the Taliban, MAGA embraces violence and threats to attain power. 

They aren’t interested in policy debates or real governance, only implementing their culture war to roll back individual rights, crush dissent, eliminate fair elections, and destroy our democratic institutions.

You saw the House Republicans finally come together and give McCarthy what he wanted, the gavel, but what you really saw was both McCarthy and the rest of the Republican conference selling out the House to the ultra MAGAs, and the one faction of the party that keeps on consistently losing, which is Donald Trump.

And McCarthy thanked Trump profusely when he finally got the gavel.

This was a major skirmish in the culture war this week. Now you’re going to see it get down and dirty.


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  1. Clearly just depending on the TV/social media addicted ‘voters’ will not get it done. The Republicans ability to lie and deny in unity helps the cult stay the course. After all the party tried to end Healthcare, voting rights, women’s rights, social programs, gay marriage, and voted themselves billions in tax shelters. They supported the violent overthrow of our government TWO YEARS AGO, yet they now control the house. So much for the refrain I keep seeing here on some articles that the ‘PR’ is bad and will do them in. Bullshit. Reality says otherwise. They control the goddamn house. No. As Glenn Kirchner, a federal prosecutor for 30 years in the DC has said he worries the politicians in the DOJ are moving too slow to indict. Garland was a judge for a quarter of a century not a prosecutor. The longer he waits the more damage done. Fact. Now cue up the fucking excuses by those who think they know more than a guy who worked inside the DC DOJ. Adam Schiff, another former prosecutor feels the same and he led the effort to impeach. I’ll go with those with actual experience not typists and tv watchers who think they have more ‘expertise’. This mutherfucker needs to be arrested yesterday. Pick your crime…there’s plenty to choose from.

  2. Your description of the “major skirmish” we have just witnessed underscores the abject fear we must now perceive from a Maga controlled House. You amplify it beautifully with the Lincoln Project’s most powerful offering so worthy of being re-released.
    This article must become the rallying cry for our need to save our democracy.

  3. Like it’s been said. What’s the holdup. I heard on one news reel. What’s going on. Do you think that if a Democrat did what Trump did that he would still be out causing more havoc. Six months after J6 a Democrat would be locked up along with any clowns from Congress that they could prove even said Capitol insurrection.


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