They didn’t miss a beat over there at Lincoln Project. Earlier this morning Harris Faulkner sonorously intoned that Tucker Carlson was no longer with the network (I’m surprised she didn’t take off glasses, ala Walter Cronkite)¬† and a few hours later we have this jewel.

Twitter is having a field day, “Tuck around and find out” as everyone looks for the great cosmic meaning in Carlson’s being fired.

Why oh why, Rupert? The crowds keen and wail. Everything from tea leaves to crystal balls are utilized as people phone their astrologers and throw the I Ching. Maybe Rupert just decided he was tired of Tucker’s face. People do get fired for that.

And it won’t surprise you that¬†Russian TV has already tweeted at Carlson. Perhaps they might offer him a spot on their airwaves. It would certainly be the next logical step.

What is Rupert brewing up? A change at Fox News? A return to the halcyon days of Roger Ailes? Anything is possible at this point. Nobody was expecting Carlson to be canned. Bartiromo, yes, Pirro yes, but not Carlson and Hannity, those are the two golden boys of the network.

Let’s see what Hannity comes up with on his show tonight. And keep a sharp eye on Bartiromo and Pirro. They may be next out the door.


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  1. That fake laugh is just damned creepy. Adios, Tucker, you nimrod. You will not be missed, unfortunately because he’ll most likely land somewhere else to continue to annoy and offend us.

    • I would imagine that they’re breaking the piggy banks over at Newsmax to figure out what they can afford. Or, maybe Tucker will do a Bill O’Reilly thing and try to carve out a podcast/show for himself.

      • Hopefully he’ll take Lavrov’s offer and come to Russia to stay (where he actually belongs and is truly loved), although I’ve heard being a millionaire there isn’t nearly as fun as it used to be.

  2. I’m not sure that Newsmax, etc., will want Tuckboy and all his (hopefully pending) legal….situations? problems?….which would only get worse as he bloviates on someone else’s dime.

    • Actually I read that Newsmax has been trashing Carlson since those emails of his criticizing Trump came out. Trying to steal some Fox viewers no doubt. Now, we all know hypocrisy is a genetic trait for modern conservatives but reversing course on Carlson might be a bridge too far for them. Plus they are facing their own legal troubles and are already screwed financially. Fox can shell out a Dominion sized payment without breaking much of a sweat but Newsmax? With what they are facing in court they might as well fold and file for bankruptcy if they take on Carlson!

    • The problem with hiring Carlson is that his legal problems follow him. If Grossberg’s suit is as revealing as people believe it will be, it’s going to embarrass Carlson bigly — and consequently embarrass Newsmax, OAN, wherever he’s hanging his hat when it all comes down.

      • Wouldn’t surprise me if Grossberg’s suit is the reason Fox shareholders decided *ucker was too much of a liability. Apparently, she has an “extraordinarily strong case” and I am among the myriad throng wishing her all the luck in the world!


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