In an audio interview obtained by Johnathan Karl on March 18, 2021 for his new book on the Trump maladministration, “Tired of Winning”, serial liar Donald Trump claims that his wrestling match with his Secret Service agents over control of his limo after his incendiary speech on January 6th which sent his gang of hooligans marching towards the Capitol with blood in their eyes, occurred because he wanted to go down there himself to “stop the problem.”

But the real problem with this pants-on-fire lie is that when he was trying to commandeer “The Beast” as they call it and drive it down Pennsylvania Avenue there was no problem at the Capitol, only an angry mob marching towards it, which he wanted be at the head of…

To hear this lying sack of horse excrement tell it, he afterwards did not spend the next three hours sequestered in his dining nook off the Oval Office cheering the rioters on and reveling in the violence, as has been attested to by more than one of his staff under oath, but rather he was pleading with his SS to allow him to go down to the Capitol to sort out the little “problem”.

Oh, and also, his army of orcs on January 6th was “the biggest crowd” he’d ever spoken in front of, bigger even than his inaugural throng which was, another liar told us, the biggest crowd for any event anywhere, at anytime, in the history of the Universe.

What a crock of sh#t.

There is no print story yet that I can find, as Karl has been holding this tidbit for his book, but ACYN on Twitter has posted the news story that just played on CNN.

Yeah, and the tooth fairy is for reals.


A confession with a big lie tacked on…

He could have stopped the problem with his phone.

A huge bumb.


Johnathan Karl is no fan of Trump of course, though he is a big fan of selling his own book and I am sure he tore the lie apart within his text.

Still, it would have been nice to hear about this a couple of years ago, Johnnie.

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  1. The, errm Trump’s version of to “… stop the problem…” can be viewed at least two ways. First, Trump’s delusional take on “… the problem…” and second what the rational world knew what “… the problem…” actually was, and still is. Trump’s version is, at best, a farcical re-write of solid facts. The real ‘problem’ is you, bloviating up on your white-anted mound, along with your various backers, enablers and sect followers. Nice try Don Don – failed again.

  2. The only problem Trump wanted to fix was VP Pence actually doing his Constitutional duty of counting the Electoral Votes and certifying Biden’s having won the election. His fury in the vehicle was because he wanted to beat the crowd (the part who would actually breach the barriers and the specialists who would break into the Capitol itself) so he could be in the House Chamber, demanding Pence step aside and/or that the Secret Service take Pence away as the rioters got into the building. If anyone had put that in written form Trump would have, having learned aides would tape back together stuff he tore up and threw in the trash ripped it up and flushed it down the toilet. But I have no doubt that was part of the plan. He just had Secret Service agents unwilling to take him to the Capitol. Picked the wrong guys it seems.



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