Lauren Boebert decided to say Something Profound the other day and so she tweeted about Marxism and Ponzi schemes. That brought a flood of derision her way, so the next day she got back on the electric tweet box and explained herself — and thereby dug an even deeper hole.

I think she’s trying to equate fraud with wealth distribution, or a Ponzi scheme with a classless society or — something?

So much for Lauren Boebert’s deep dive into weighty philosophic and economic matters.


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  1. Ponsi scheme implies wealth is created by financial centers with the express purpose of increasing access to wealth by inflating assets which are privately owned. Since socialism seeks to ensure access to wealth, irrespective of class standing- no foundation exists to sustain a ponzi scheme. In other words, the value of life supercedes monetary gain. Perhaps, it is the humanitarian aspect of socialism or marxism that confuses you!


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