Talk about birds of a feather, this is a flock of birds of prey. Brian Jack was Donald Trump’s political director from the moment that he descended the escalator until his final flight on Air Force One. Do you realize how rare that track record is, in an administration which saw 75% turnover?  Then Jack went to work for Brian McCarthy in the same role. McCarthy was thrilled to get the guy not only because it keeps Trump’s orbit close to him, but because, in the words of GOP conference secretary Richard Hudson, who says “I worked closely with Brian during his four years at The White House, he [Jack] served President Trump exceptionally well, knows what it takes to win Congressional races, and I’m excited he’s working with Leader Kevin McCarthy and our team that will Take Back the House.”

Brian Jack put together the speaker’s list for the January 6 rally that incited the Capitol Riot and it was he who asked Mo Brooks to speak — according to Brooks himself. You think Kevin McCarthy wants this information megaphoned publicly? That’s why he doesn’t want the 9/11-type commission that Liz Cheney is demanding. Here’s what Brooks said.

Per my cell phone records, on Tuesday morning, January 5, I had a telephone call with Brian Jack, White House Political Director.  He asked me to speak at the Trump rally the next day, Wednesday morning.

I had never attended a Trump rally in my life but had seen many on TV, and thought it an honor for the White House to invite me to address Trump volunteers and supporters, so I readily agreed.

Due to lack of time, I did not draft my speech from scratch.

The bulk of my January 6 White House Ellipse speech comes from my often-used “America is Great” political speeches that I have given dozens of times, perhaps hundreds of times, in my 34 years of public service as a Tuscaloosa assistant district attorney, an Alabama legislator, the Madison County District Attorney, a county commissioner, and U.S. Congressman.

Further, I spoke very early in the political rally.  There was music, there was my speech, there was more music, then there was some number of speakers, then a couple hours or so later, President Trump began speaking.

I ask this question, if my remarks were as inspirational as the Socialist Democrats and their Fake News Media allies want the public to believe, why didn’t the Trump rally participants, after my remarks, immediately get up and storm the Capitol?

Why not indeed!  The answer is simple.  No one at the rally interpreted my remarks to be anything other than what they were: A pep talk after the derriere kicking conservatives suffered in the dismal 2020 elections.

As I will prove later, my remarks were clearly designed to reinvigorate people for the 2022 election cycle that had already begun two months ago and is now only a year away.

What is totally damning is that Mo Brooks went on record the next legitimizing violence as a resistance tactic.

“When you bring up one of your options to be violence, it brings us directly to your words yesterday, Mo,” [talk show host Matt] Murphy continued. “And I’m wondering if you regret saying what you said at the rally yesterday.”

The congressman said he had no regrets.

Listen to Brooks on Murphy’s radio show below:

There is no way in hell Kevin McCarthy wants scrutiny on this. He wants to avoid that like the plague.

Back to the Brian Jack connection. Axios, March 21, 2021:

Why it matters: The move to bring on Jack underscores McCarthy’s strategy of keeping Trump and his orbit close as Republicans seek to retake the House majority in 2022 — and McCarthy achieves his personal goal of becoming speaker.

The backdrop: Jack is one of a small group that worked for Trump through his entire journey — from his 2016 campaign to his final flight on Air Force One.

  • McCarthy (R-Calif.) met Jack through Trump and sees him as an asset for fundraising and recruitment, as well as strategy.

  • Jack remains connected to Trump, who viewed him as his go-to guy for congressional elections during the last cycle.

  • Jack previously held top roles at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Republican National Committee and has worked with several GOP campaigns.

What we’re hearing: Talks about a potential job in McCarthy’s office began in December, while Trump was still in office.

  • Jack formally started this month.

As Charlie Sykes wrote this morning in his newsletter about McCarthy’s “1/6 Problem”

So Kevin McCarthy hired Jack knowing he was pushing Stop the Steal stuff.

  1. After initially condemning Trump’s role in the insurrection, McCarthy has been aggressively walking back his criticisms, and revising his version of his conversation with Trump that day.
  2. Liz Cheney has been pushing for the creation of an independent 9/11-style commission that would narrowly focus on the 1/6 attack on the Capitol.
  3. Which means undergirding this whole Liz + Commission thing is the fact that not only does Kevin himself have a conflict given his call with Trump on 1/6,” writes our friend. “But his top political guy would also potentially be a target of the investigation into 1/6.” [emphasis theirs]

Now are you ready for the knock out punch? Rep. Adam Kinzinger, (R-IL) revealed Monday that he had warned McCarthy ahead of time that the incendiary rhetoric of Trump and cohorts would lead to violence on January 6 and McCarthy shined him on.

Wednesday is going to be an interesting day. Not only will the GOP conference ax Liz Cheney — or not — but this is happening.

McCarthy’s plan is to stick a fork in Liz Cheney on Wednesday but I don’t think she’s the one who’s going to be done. I think he is. It’s obvious that McCarthy can’t play the 12 dimension chess of politics at this level. Somebody is going to wash out of the GOP on Wednesday and my vote is it will be McCarthy.

Stay tuned. It’s only going to get weirder.


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  1. The very fact that this info is already out there, just waiting for the right spinmeister to cut loose, speaks volumes on how bad they continue to be about hiding secrets.

  2. “It’s obvious that McCarthy can’t play the 12 dimension chess of politics at this level.”

    12 dimension chess? Please. McCarthy would lose a simple game of checkers if he played against a deaf, dumb and blind quadruple-amputee chimpanzee. (And that’s even after the chimp only had 1 checker left on the board.)

    I’m not even sure about McCarthy’s odds playing checkers against a goldfish that couldn’t even touch the pieces.

  3. I am totally shocked that the Insurrection took place in January and still no commission to oversee the investigation into who, what, where and when?? If this would have taken place under any other administration the entire world would be witnessing Federal criminal proceedings! Why not?? Is it power, is it money, is it just that America has grown accustomed to the Republicans getting away with murder? I mean there never was WMD’s found and that was the basis that the Republicans used for the forever war in both Iraq and Afghanistan to murder? Obviously, Republicans are complicit in the over 500,000 dead from Covid due to the lack of urgency and lie after lie after lie!

    • Answer: Republicans vainly delaying the inevitable mixed with the need to put out several urgent fires at once with federal government agencies getting rebuilt and retooled on the fly.

  4. the authoritarian party spent how many hrs grilling Hillary about bengazi? They never mentioned they cut the security funding there prior to the attack. Killed less people than D.C. Can’t wait 4 the tv spectacle of getting to the bottom of the worst attack on our capital. The British were at war with us, an outside job. This was the fucking president & the GOP. Time to stop rounding up the minnows & go after the big one. Tic tok tic tok tic tok. Wonder if we’ll be colonized by an alien species first? My bet is on the aliens.

  5. I do believe McCarthy is out of his league. He’s just not boss man material. You can see it every time the camera hits him. He’s got that deer caught in the headlights look down pat. Nobody really stands out in the gop. They are either way out to lunch or suffering from trumpitis. What should happen is for Cheney to take McCarthys job. That would give republicans hope but they are to stupid and all suffering from trumpitis. Those morons won’t survive outing Cheney. They are to dumb.


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