As you can see from the top pic, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is not taking the reports of her electoral defeat well. As her anger increases, doubtlessly exacerbated by her recent visit with election denial guru Dotard Drumpf in Mar-A-Lardo, her Twitter screeds spin more and more out of control like riding on one of those tiny playground merry-go-rounds, when the big kids pushed them faster and faster until you finally lost your lunch.

Yeah, it’s kinda going like that for her.

Thankfully, Twitterers are around to offer their sound advice… 😉


But, but, that would be true.

Fail to see how acting like an idiot now helps with either.

Mmm. If she could get the Orangeutan to play Ozzie she might have something.


Uh, yeah…



Not soon enough.



There’s a thought.


Perhaps, like the 36 people who showed up to your protest, Kari, these tweets are not the response you want… but just might be the one you need to see.

The further you go down this crazy road, the harder your return to credibility will be.

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  1. Kari does understand that the Governor has ZERO say in election reform, right? Sure, a governor can get behind reform and offer support, but it’s really a legislative matter (and the Secretary of State actually deals with all matters election-related).

  2. She’s a trump sucker in the literal sense! Using dumb dumbs playbook, she’s just a skank along with masters and finchman the broke back cow BOI! We are LUCKY that none of them prevailed!


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