Now, dat’s what I’m talking about! One of the dominant features of the 61 Trump election related lawsuits following the 2020 election wasn’t just the speed with which the lawsuits were dismissed, but the almost universal contempt and disdain with which the judges involved held the lawsuits. Not a single one got as far as a second hearing, and the written decisions mostly dripped with scorn for the plaintiffs.

We already have our first scalp. By far the most pompous and ridiculous defender of Trump was Rudy Giuliani. And it cost him. First the New York bar association revoked his license to practice law. A week or so, Washington DC followed suit and revoked his law license as well. Which leaves The Ghoul Man without a revenue source, and facing multiple lawsuits and criminal investigations.

A couple of weeks ago, Rachel Maddow reported on a report put out by the Michigan state Senate Oversight Committee. The panel had 4 GOP Senators and 1 Democratic Senator, they were specifically tasked with investigating fraud claims in Michigan during the 2020 election. And they released the mother of all reports.

Basically they told Trump, the GOP, and the state GOP that they were so full of shit that they squished when they walked. They refuted every wild conspiracy theory, from dead people voting to switched votes, from mass mail in ballot fraud to flying monkeys. But their closing recommendation was a thing of beauty to behold. Speaking directly to the Michigan Attorney General, they said;

In multiple cases, involving  individuals, lawyers, purpoirted PAC’s, and alleged grassroots organizations, all seekjing donations. made such wildly improbable claims that they couldn’t possibly believe them to be true. And purposely misrepresenting an event in order to make money is the textbook definition of fraud.

The committee recommended to the state Attorney General that she open investigations into such individuals and groups, with an eye for criminal fraud charges. To which the Attorney General gleefully bellowed OOO-RAH!, and promised to start at the earliest opportunity.

Apparently the state AG wasn’t the only one who heard the news. Friday night Rachel reported that a US District Judge, who heard one of the waste-of-time cases, has ordered Trump semi lawyer Sydney Powell, along with four other Trump lawyers who argued the case to be in court at 9 Monday morning. And this ain’t going to be no social visit either. At the very best, those lawyers come out of court with their asses flayed raw by a clearly pissed off judge. But the judge’s order also specifically referred to penalties such as fines, other sanctions, suspensions, and even referral back to individual state bars, for possible suspension or disbarment. I’ve said it before, judges don’t like bullshit.

This is how you stop the Big Lie. You can’t stop Trump from spouting this shit, but if equally pissed off federal judges, and their written rulings showed that there were a lot of them in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia start calling Trump lawyers in for a come to Jesus moment, and more state AG’s start opening up criminal fraud probes into these leeches, it’s going to make it a lot more difficult to continue down that path.

And it’s not just about retroactive justice either. Or we get a rash of these, that will send a serious shot-across-the-bow to the GOP heading into 2022 and 2024. Because, while His Lowness and his brainless GOP lemmings may still be head-over-heels in love with the Big Lie. GOP affiliated lawyers are going to have to think very seriously about how far they want to risk their tickets to practice before they sign onto these kamikaze missions. This is starting to get interesting.

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  1. To be fair, even with the benefit of hindsight, drawing the line between stupidity and criminality is difficult.

    Specially when the proffered defense for criminality is stupidity.

  2. The judge has been looking at those lawyers since Detroit and Michigan asked for sanctions on them, following the dismissal of that part of the “Kraken” suits. The *judge* wasn’t too happy with them, either.


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