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This won’t take long, but I just wanted to share it, because it was the best damn thing I’ve heard all day. In the last hour, on All In with Chris Hayes, Chris had on a clinical specialist discussing the latest Covis-19 numbers. The clinician stated that he personally was encouraged because recent figures, for the first time, the United States passed an 80% mask utilization rate.

This figuratively made me dance an Irish jig. Because it means that Biden’s message is finally getting through. After all, Biden hasn’t just been talking the talk, he’s been walking the walk. Dear Lord, you never see that guy without a mask on. I swear, that dude must shave in the morning with an N-95 on. His rescue dogs have to be as pissed as hell, because they can’t even lick his face! He asked for 100 days, and it’s starting to appear like he may get what he asks for. As much as possible.

But here’s the real reason why I wanted to dance a jig, if only I hadn’t been born with two left feet, both clubbed. This statistic tells me that we are winning the disinformation war! For almost a year, the CDC has been begging people to wear masks, from the earliest days of his campaign, Biden begged people to wear masks, everybody was begging people to wear masks. But Trump and his merry minions of moron turned the entire thing into a political statement, instead of a scientific imperative, and the MAGA morons rebelled.

But, following the election, Trump got the funski valve shut off on social media. The pleas of the Biden administration, as well as CDC, state and local governments have continued, and the GOP shills have had bigger fish to fry than stupid masks. And as a result of this constant bombardment of pro mask media information, and nothing coming out in dissention from the GOP side, people are starting to shrug their shoulders, and put on the goddamn mask. Getting Trump off of social media has had the effect of weakening his effect on the less virulent members of his cabal. And that’s a good thing.

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  1. That message has yet to take root around here, sadly. By and large, a good chunk of that remaining 20% is just outside my window. But you know, screw it. I’m getting a shipment of KN95 masks coming in, I continue to live like a hermit with Wi-Fi and the vaccines are starting to be distributed at last. I now can believe that I’ll make it despite the lingering recalcitrance of everyone around me.

  2. Of course, now that the SCOTUS is taking up the anti-science disinformation politics under the guise of religious freedom there will be a finite limit to mask use. On the other hand, Darwin was right about natural selection.

    • While they will absolutely take too many innocent people with them, the fact remains that the cult has chosen a socially sanctioned form of self-maiming and suicide. That should shrink their already shriveling numbers considerably.


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