Donald Trump, Jr. must be jealous of Volodymyr Zelensky because he wouldn’t surrender to Putin like Daddy did. Or, maybe he’s jealous because Zelensky has some actual performing talent, and if you put all the Trumps together, between them they don’t have as much ability as Zelensky demonstrates in the clip below.

In all events, this trying to pin a gay label on Zelensky is nothing new. Do you remember the revenge porn meme that Junior posted on Twitter of Zelensky at the State Of The Union address, and Junior photoshopped in a naked Hunter Biden and thought that was a real hoot?

This is along those lines, but worse. Bear in mind, Junior and Zelensky are the same age. Zelensky has been a lawyer, a performer and the leader of his country in a time of war. WTF has Don Junior ever done but attempt to delegitimize people like Zelensky?

If Zelensky can even stand up, let alone dance, in a heel that high, he’s got my admiration. You’re a better man than I am, Volodymyr and maybe a better woman, too. It well could be.

And here comes the return punch. Better duck, Junior. Better yet, run.

That didn’t take long at all to show up.

Bill Lee’s got better legs than I do, seriously. He should wear skirts.

I’d rather watch Zelensky move than this slug.

I think Junior is jealous that Zelensky is enough of a man to be able to do a performance like that and look good doing it. Junior knows he never could pull that one off, he knows what a joke he would be. As to Zelensky’s other gifts, I wouldn’t want to know how Junior would lead a Boy Scout troop, let alone an entire country, in a time of war against a homicidal madman like Putin.

Zelensky is accomplished on many levels. Junior can’t perform, nor can he lead. He’s a no talent, no nothing punk. But then you know what they say about apples and trees.


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  1. Junior is such a MANLY man, he likes to kill defenseless animals and pose next to their dead bodies. He even had an old, captive lion put in front of him so he could shoot it and pose next to it like some big game hunter. Well, he did bag Kimberly Guilfoyle so we know he’s at the very least a good skank hunter.

    • Kill defenseless animals in canned hunts. That is an important distinction because it truly emphasizes just how defenseless those animals are. What pussy-assed bitch boy does is about as close as you can get to shooting fish in a barrel as you can get without actual fish.

    • Well, I wouldn’t say he necessarily “bagged” Guilfoyle. She probably bagged him, thinking she was going to come into a huge windfall once Trump the Elder kicked the bucket.

      She’s probably regretting it but may not have any real way out of it.

  2. Junior is jealous! Zelenskyy is smarter and in far better shape than he is! (And anyone who can do a walkover in those shoes is really good)

  3. It’s definitely jealousy! idjt jr is a no talent, no-brained numbnuts. Has never accomplished a useful thing in his pitiful, pathetic life. Now Zelensky on the other hand, is a multi-talented man. Lawyer, actor, fabulous dancer, and is the much loved, respected and successful leader of his people, something no tRump can say for themselves. I find Zelensky a truly attractive man on SO many levels. Lil tRump is nothing more than a parasitic hanger on and should STFU.

  4. Well, that’s what the big hoopla about Hunter is all about. Although he may have made mistakes along the way. Hunter has supported himself and his family since he graduated college. What has Donnie jr. Done but lay up with women. and allegedly try to be a one man coke busting squad by doing his best to snort all the stuff in America. No matter what has happened, Hunter has been successful on his own and Donnie is still hanging on daddies coat tail.

  5. I have no time for idiots anymore, which means the entire Republican Party and most Independents. As a nation, we have become too stupid to survive.


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