Journalism Takes A Day Off


I don’t know exactly what time it started.  I had a longer than expected nap and having gotten my first Covid shot yesterday the tiredness that happens with some is probably the culprit.   In any case,  I turned on the TV and immediately went to finishing a recorded movie I’d started.   When it was done I saw an image of a wrecked SUV sitting on its side off the side of a road.

And THAT has been about the only image on the news (I mostly watch MSNBC but will check out CNN briefly for their take on something) or anything being talked about.

All.   Afternoon.    Long!

There was no real news being spoken of other than pro-golfer Tiger Woods (admittedly a huge presence in that sport and though I’ve mostly sucked at it I used to love playing) had been involved in a single vehicle accident around 7am PST out in California.   They noted he’d been extricated from what was a pretty severely torn up vehicle and taken to the hospital and later that he was having surgery – likely for leg injuries suffered in the crash.   At NO point was it suggested that his injuries were critical or even life threatening.

Mostly, it was an ad nauseum repetition of a few basic facts.  Tiger Woods had been in an accident, was injured and getting treatment at a hospital and having surgery, apparently on his legs which seems understandable given the damage to the front of his vehicle.  As for all the other blather?

Nothing but pure speculation.

Speculation on his injuries.   On whether at 45 he will be able to continue his comeback from pretty serious back surgery.   The impact on golf overall.   Ok, so eventually they got into some discussion of his relationship with his kids, as those who follow golf and even many in the general public know was an issue in the aftermath of the scandal with his first wife who took a six iron to his vehicle after a fight where it seems she learned the extent of his cheating on her with a boatload of mistresses.    One of whom, like his pal Trump happened to be a porn star.   More than one now that I think back on it.

Look.  I always respected Tiger’s incredible talent and even his work ethic.   As with many elite athletes, artists/performers and even in more staid careers that kind of work ethic isn’t always conducive to giving off warm fuzzies to other people or being good family people.   But even if he got some special breaks due to his position as the number one draw on the PGA from his debut there that helped him to a few extra wins including one of his major championships he was always going to wind up being one of the most accomplished golfers in the game’s history.   Even if he was a jerk a lot of the time and even a downright asshole (who even got away with cheating during a Masters and successfully dared the famed Augusta National Board of Directors to disqualify him.   This is a club by the way that famously defied a President – Eisenhower) he was a huge name both in golf and popular culture.

Still, he was a (sports) entertainer.   He didn’t get killed.   He didn’t even get critically injured.   Yes, his competitive career might have ended today but he was already 45 with multiple surgeries due to the nature of the stress his swing put on his body.   His remarkable win at the Masters a couple of years ago notwithstanding he was just about done anyway.

So what else has been going on while cable news is FIXATED on Tiger Wood’s getting banged up in a single car accident enough that he needed some surgery for his injuries?

Well, for starters President Biden has Cabinet nominees undergoing confirmation hearings and as we all knew would happen some of it has been testy with Republicans trying to score cheap political points.   And just screw with our new President’s ability to run the country (after enabling Trump’s fighting having any sort of transition I might add) on (assholeness) principle.   We have turncoat Democrats aiding them and I saw a blurb that Joe Manchin is waffling on the nominee for Interior.   We have the mess in Texas of course which is far from over.   We have hearings going on into the Jan. 6 insurrection.   We have President Biden working out details to punish Russia for its latest cyber attack, and his attempting to get some sort of deal with Iran back on to prevent or at least long delay them developing nuclear weapons.   And then overshadowing it all is Covid.

That’s just off the top of my head.

But journalists, poor “overworked” journalists need a day or two off!   They just love it when something like this comes along and they can check out for the day.   Play hooky from school.   Leave the office for the day because the boss is out of town and out of touch, and leaving one or two people behind to answer the phones with promises that next time that person(s) will get to be the one to take off and enjoy a free day doing whatever..   They got themselves a “bright shiny object” to hold up and say “Lookie here!”

If any of them wonder why so many in the general public don’t respect them or their profession today they are again putting on a clinic as to why.    It’s a day of incessant, rambling droning on about a freaking car wreck that involved a celebrity who got injured enough to require a trip to the hospital.   To be fair, injuries serious enough to require surgery and may shorten a career than was already much, much closer to its end but still not life threating.

Meanwhile countless of millions of Americans are suffering.   Americans are still dying at a rate of a couple thousand a day in a pandemic that shouldn’t have been nearly as bad in this country as it should be.   Republicans are working (hard!) to obstruct the administration’s ability to address these things.   Also to impair our ability to deal with national security matters and international relations.   Domestic terrorism is out there and about to get a major boost this weekend at CPAC.

And what is the news about?   Tiger Woods suffered significant injuries to his legs in a car wreck.   It’s well past six pm where I live and still it’s wall-to-wall “Tiger had an accident and might have his comeback delayed.  Or maybe never play competitively again.”   THIS is the most important story right now?   The one that is DOMINATING cable news?

Disgusted doesn’t begin to describe my feelings right now.

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  1. We were better off when all we had was the evening news on one of three channels and a few weekend news shows. Now with many channels needing to fill up many many hours every day, speculation which is definitely not information, is the go-to filler. The public acceptance of speculation as a legitimate use of broadcast time paved the way for Newsmax, Qanon, et all because such outlets are nothing but speculation on steroids.

  2. So on the same page with you, Denis. This is all the result of 24/7 cable news. I remember them doing the same thing when JFK Jr’s plane crashed during that long day when it disappeared but no one knew if he’s gone down or landed it somewhere, and they just filled the time with nonstop b.s. about how we fight have lost our future president (never mind that he had no interest in or aptitude for politics), endless recitation of everything that ever happened to the Kennedy family and more.

    This is why Americans are so poorly informed and vulnerable to QAnon and Trump’s lies about the election.

  3. I agree, Denis. Usually MSNBC is on much of the time here, but I’m not rarely in front of it – just mostly within earshot as I do other things. I was listening to the Capitol police interviews, and found them fascinating, as well as somewhat disturbing. Then I became aware there was a new focus – and Tiger Woods was all I heard. Since he is a celebrity figure, information about the vehicle accident is newsworthy. But rehashing what little was known then dominated the “news”.

  4. A live shot of the smashed car for hours with zero information was odd then became an embarrassment. How about an update each hour and move on to real news?

  5. Well what did you expect? .. I don’t think TRUMP has reached CPAC yet so he can show off his crown .. of thorns. Or if he did at least NO MAJOR news outlet discussed it. I don’t get cable I get Axios and nytimes and WaPo and CNN and Bloomberg and of course Politizoom.. that all had TIGER. Cleaned up my email in a jiffy! DELETE DELETE DELETE etc.
    PS DONT know Denis but for ZOOMERS, esp ex KOS one, Jack decided my saying Trump was calling himself King.. (quoting someone else even) wasn’t truly against current Twitter rules so @LOrion was I unsuspended.

  6. I WILL POST with this SubHeadline
    MY Subheadline.. JOURNOS relieved to take break from TRUMP failed #Putsch and pending #criminal liability stories .. which of course involve all known players such as 147 #Insurrectionist Congrrssmen who are now disqualified from Federal Office( See Amendment 14 Section 3) and #LevParnas entire saga! .. plus all the evidence found in #Epsteins premises.

  7. POSTING WITH. .. MY Subheadline.. JOURNOS relieved to take break from TRUMP failed #Putsch and pending #criminal liability stories .. which of course involve all known players such as 147 #Insurrectionist Congrrssmen who are now disqualified from Federal Office( See Amendment 14 Section 3) and #LevParnas entire saga! ..MORE #RogerStone braggadocio and LongTerm involvement with #OathKeepers, HECK plus all the evidence of #kompromat and #Sexcrimes found in #Epsteins premises.


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