Johnathan Turley is perhaps the ultimate embodiment of Rick Wilson’s axiom that “Everything That Trump Touches Dies”.

The distinguished professor of law at George Washington University Law School has a checkered past, having supported and served as a Republican witness during the Clinton Impeachment but, I also vividly remember his many appearances on The Keith Olbermann Show where he vociferously opposed George W. Bush’s use of torture as a weapon of war and American Military Adventurism in The Middle East in general.

Turley was a critic of Presidential overreach during both the Bush and Obama years, and I have some sympathy for that point of view.

But, even though he supported the impeachment of Clinton, he argued against both impeachments of drumpf, for much graver offenses – a stance oft noted as contradictory by his critics.

But now, the good professor appears to just have rocks in his head:

The crazy thing is that Turley was very vocal in his opposition to Trump’s efforts to overturn the election.

But once one takes the road of defending Donald Trump in any fashion Wilson’s Law seems to catch up.

But KD he only declassified certain information. All the damning stuff he left classified. 🤣🤣🤣

Yup. Happens all the time.

Looks like.

Lots and lots of boxes.


Busy, busy bee.


I hate when that happens.


You know Johnathan, you got a couple of pretty good gigs going between George Washington U. And resident Faux News legal Chia Pet, maybe it’s time to jump off the Trump Train while you still have a shred of dignity left.

A lot of us remember your glory days flaying George W. and Darth Cheney with Olbermann and just might be prone to forgive your struggles with ETTD.

After all it is a disease.

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  1. The fact that he thought it A-OK to impeach Clinton (for a bj) but not impeach TFG for trying to extort Ukraine or the J6 insurrection tells me everything I need to know about how well this man processes information. I hope he doesn’t teach constitutional law but rather something more black and white like tax law or contracts.

  2. Agree totally except if you support treason you should be disbarred. When is THE LAW gonna have some fucking standards for their goddamn club?

  3. He was warned by people he knew actually knew about this stuff not to pack up and take those boxes to FL instead of sending them (or at least leaving them to be collected) by the National Archives. He had the stuff transported to FL anyway. With forethought and knowledge not only that he wasn’t supposed to do so, but that doing so was illegal.

    IF he felt some of that should be made available to or even shipped to him then there is an actual procedure he could have followed via making a formal request to the National Archives describing why he wanted certain materials right away instead of waiting until the process of his establishing a Presidential Library and acquiring a suitable building where National Archives staff would be present to provide proper custody and security for said materials as NO Presidential Papers belong to a President or former President but to the people via their designated by LAW authority – the National Archives.

    Hey, it’s understandable a former President might want this or that set of records for a book, or if they are taking part in some matter at the request/approval of a current President. But a former President has NO authority to make the decision on what they get or when.

    You’d think a legal scholar like Turley would know that. He’s devolved into a Trump fluffing hack.

  4. ok the dumbest thing is that every one of those document boxes could be stored on a single thumb drive. So what if these boxes are located. stop talking about 20 boxes of documents, talk about one thumb drive. trump wasn’t going to read any of them, I don’t think he read anything ever. I suspect our intelligence agencies have been scrambling for years to figure out what trump/jared already sold.

  5. I believe getting your M.D. in TX and getting your J.D. anywhere have got to be the easiest fucking things to get in this country if Rand Paul and this yahoo are anything to go by.

    • Paul got his MD in North Carolina, actually (Duke University which, at the time, didn’t require an undergraduate degree for admission in its graduate programs).


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