Donald Trump’s White House quest began a little over two months ago and as Jimmy Kimmel opines, “it’s going to be a lonnng campaign.” Indeed it is, indeed it is. I foresee it as a long, circular, Dantean descent, through one level of Hell to the next, and all of them filled with s*it.

Why? Well, a million reasons, but the one that jumps to mind most readily is that fiasco in East Palestine, Ohio this morning, where Trump showed up with swag. No, not paper towels to throw at disaster victims, nothing that useful. We speak of MAGA hats passed out at a local McDonald’s.

And then there was the gift of the Trump water, which Sylvester Stallone said he wouldn’t wash his socks in, let alone drink, and things were off from there. (The part you want to see starts at 8:42 or watch the whole thing, it’s great.)

The first caucus is in January, 2024. It’s not even March, 2023 and I’m wondering how much farther I can stand this campaign before I collapse.

And you have to admit, if this is how it’s starting out, this is un-auspicious, to put it mildly. This appearance in Ohio today, if it’s any indicator of things to come, was tacky, forced and ultimately futile. But that makes it vintage Trump.

Let’s see what happens in 2024. Let’s see if Trump can do a Grover Cleveland. Cleveland is the only U.S. president to serve two, non-consecutive terms. Or, let’s see if Trump follows in the footsteps of Adlai Stevenson. Poor Stevenson. History remembers him as a real gentleman, a man of intellect and taste, and now it will hook him up with Trump throughout the rest of our history. Stevenson ran twice in the 1950’s, both against Dwight D. Eisenhower and both times Eisenhower beat him like a drum.

And then the next election after those two contests was Nixon v. Kennedy. And here we are now.

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  1. Despite some great roles during my time in musical theater & opera there are two roles I’ve always lamented I never had a chance to play – one of them being Cervantes/Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha. I can suddenly (sort of…)imagine it though:

    “Dear God it is he! (breaking into song):
    Dumbass Donnie, Dumbass Donnie…

  2. Well considering his current wife’s former profession Melania is right for the role of Aldonza.
    Got to.see the play with some of the Broadway cast. It is brilliant.


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