Jen Psaki, what can be said?

She was a “must follow” as White House press secretary, probably a little too much so. One can make the argument that Karine Jean-Pierre is the better proto-type White House Press Secretary. The press secretary isn’t supposed to make news, and KJP doesn’t. She’s calm, cool, and collected, answering questions straight up. Jen couldn’t help herself. She was fantastic and willing to push the limits. The MAGAs hated her because she could give it right back, almost enjoying playing with them, like a cat with a half-dead mouse.

Jen really does belong on television in the media and not as a spokesperson. She has too much to say on her behalf based on her experiences, first as a spokesperson for Obama’s campaign and working in his communications team, then as Biden’s spokesperson and White House Press Secretary.

We have seen her for months as a contributor for Morning Joe and other MSNBC staples, but the talent was oozing and somewhat wasted. She finally got her own show which debuted on Saturday. By Sunday, clips of Psaki breaking down “wokism” and how it has become the MAGA “go to” explanation for anything wrong, including bank failures and – seemingly – Ron DeSantis’s raison d’etre.

Yeah, except, as Jen explains, a large majority of Americans believe being woke is a good thing and define it as being educated and understanding society’s treatment of marginalized groups and the empathy the dynamic deserves. Better yet, she showed a group of 2016 Trump voters who turned into 2020 Biden voters – the ones most up for grabs, and they were near-universally sick of hearing about it. Then, to show some elan, Psaki found an interview of Bethany Mandel, who literally wrote the book on “Wokeism” (From the MAGA point of view) and why it’s such a danger. In an absolutely cringe-worthy 30-second segment, Mandel couldn’t define “woke.” Long pauses and sentences started but not completed. It was Maddowesque, and that’s Psaki talent.

That is a star in the making.


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  1. I don’t know what the current ratings are for MSNBC at 9pm, but I surely can’t be the only person who would dearly love for Jen Psaki to be the journalist who is in that time slot. Rachel Maddow is a national treasure but there was always going to be a point where she had to cut back. She’s sure as hell earned a greatly reduced workload. It’s not that Ms. Wagner isn’t a good journalist. She is. But for me at least she’s not on the same level as Maddow. Jen Psaki is. And next year and in the years to come we need Maddow level performance in the evening on MSNBC. With so many of Maddow’s staff still there Jen Psaki would carry on what Maddow built without missing a beat.

  2. I fully agree. Alex Wagner should never have taken over for Rachel. Jen Psaki would be a much better choice. Other than Monday evenings, I have stopped watching the Alex Wagner show. That hour needs a strong, tell it like it is host.
    Alex Wagner is not that.

  3. Let us quit dancing around this. Woke is the new ‘N’ word. It can be used all over MSM and no one will bat an eye. I’ve been hearing it used by racists for the last year and they take glee in using the word. Another thing they like to do is call blacks racists if they go against Republicans. I have yet to hear anyone state the obvious.

    As to Rachel, Alex and Jen, Jen Psaki would be the best choice for 9:00. Alex is okay, but I am not going to stay up till midnight to watch her re-run. I did for Rachel and I think I would for Jen. Of course Jen is my daughter’s name, so that may have some bearing on my thoughts.

  4. She’s great and needs a better slot asap. MSNBC could start by firing that useless pos Chuck Todd and let her helm MTP Daily while they figure out how to get her into the weekday lineup.


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