I am so glad that somebody finally spoke out publicly on this insulting holdover from Rush Limbaugh, dead but still imitated, of calling the Democratic party the “Democrat” party. Lauren Boebert is one of the ones who doesn’t say it right and she does it on purpose. They all do. It’s a means of owning the libs but it’s ultimately stupid.

It’s so widespread in the Republican party and in our culture that now children are saying it, in total innocence, and are amazed (at least at me) when I gently correct them. How do I tell them, “Yes, lots of adults you hear talk do say that but they’re being assholes, so learn it the right way?” It doesn’t work.

In any event, it “grates” on Jamie Raskin and he’s got a thing or two to say to Lauren Boebert. Watch.

Ultra MAGA equals Ultra Stupid and nobody in Congress, and I mean no body, is more qualified to carry the banner of ultra stupid than Lauren Boebert.

This is good. Our Democratic reps are fighting back and they’re doing it factually and intelligently, because that’s how they roll. Eric Swalwell took Matt Gaetz to task yesterday for honoring an alleged murderer and today Jamie Raskin lets Lauren Boebert have it for her insulting un-grammatical ways.

Good. Let the games begin. Intelligent people arguing facts are going to triumph over trolls any day of the week. Adam Frisch, we can’t wait to see you in Congress and Boebert out.


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  1. If I’d been Raskin, I wouldn’t have said “gentle lady from Colorado,” I would’ve said the “noxious tramp from Colorado” and I would’ve said, “As long as the noxious tramp continues to use the term ‘Democrat’ incorrectly, I shall refer to it as ‘maggot’–to be spelled ‘MAGAt’ in the official record. If IT also wishes to be ‘ultra’ anything, then I will respect its wishes and refer to it as ‘ultramaggot’.”

    (Just to really get under Bobo’s thin skin, maybe instead of “it,” a sprinkling of “ze/hir/hir” or “xe/xem/xyr.”)


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