It’s Happening!! Michael Cohen Is In Talks With Mueller.


Manafort’s plea deal this week is not the only news that will likely deal a hefty blow to Trump and his lawyer team. According to Vanity Fair, Michael Cohen has reached out in recent weeks and is in talks with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

In the wake of Manafort’s plea deal, sources confirm that it is now common knowledge among Cohen’s inner circle that Trump’s former lawyer has been in contact with the special counsel’s office.

This week, Manafort agreed to cooperate with Robert Mueller as part of a deal that involved pleading guilty to two conspiracy charges, and in doing so, will have all other charges against him dropped at sentencing or “at the agreement of successful cooperation.”

Through his lawyer Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen has practically been begging to cooperate with Robert Mueller’s investigation ever since he pleaded guilty to eight criminal counts involving financial fraud last month. Davis suggested to the media that Cohen had plenty to dish about Trump and he wanted to dish it.

So, Michael Cohen, who is intimately familiar with the entire Trump family, has been providing information to Robert Mueller’s investigators.  Doesn’t sound like it’ll end well for Team Trump, now does it?


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