Actually, the inspiration for this article wasn’t Santos himself, but actually Traitor Tot. And here’s why. Thanks to Trump’s big mouth in public about the E Jean Carroll lawsuit, the judge in the case took the unusual step of unsealing Trump’s deposition testimony, making it public. Usually we have to wait for it to be used in open court.

The ensuing results were hilarious. Traitor Tot kept insisting that he barely knew Carroll, and that Carroll wasn’t attractive enough to snag his eye and garner his attention. Yet when Carroll’s lawyer showed a picture of him and Carroll together taken quite a while ago, Trump repeatedly insisted that Carroll was his 2nd wife, Marla Maples. Trump’s own lawyer had to shut him up and correct him.

Here’s what ties it together. Santos is under investigation in several local, state, and federal probes. But information and evidence uncovered in investigations, as well as in the grand jury are normally kept secret until such time as charges are filed. And trying to unravel the kitten’s ball of yarn that is Santos’s fraudulent life could take a while. So Santos is here to stay for the time being.

But Santos has another quasi legal problem on his hands. Thanks to Democratic freshman congressman Danny Goldman, Santos is now the subject of an official House Ethics Committee investigation. Normally the House Ethics Committee is one of the more functional, bipartisan committees. It’s made up of an equal number of members, so any decisive ruling requires bipartisanship. And the members normally have the reputation of the House foremost, as opposed to politics. But with an amoral douche nozzle like McCarthy with the gavel, that could be fixed.

If. Every day that goes on, McCarthy is getting more and more heat from his caucus. Now he has some of his own backers bitching about botched committee assignments and Chairs, while McCarthy pays off markers from his dirty backroom double dealing. And with every new day comes yet another Santos revelation. He’s already getting grief from some moderate members for carrying Santos’s water and giving him committee assignments. And with some 120+ abti LGBTQ and transgender youth GOP bills floating around in various state legislatures, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kreepy Kevin starts getting some heavy duty shit from hard core MAGAts over the drag queen exposure. Which is why Santos is fighting it so hard.

The House Ethics investigation will consist of two parts. First Santos will have to fill out a detailed questionnaire, which will then be followed up by an in person interview in front of the committee. And right off of the top, it will be made crystal clear that any lying or misrepresentations on either for questionnaire or interview can result in perjury charges.

And that could be McCarthy’s off ramp with his problem child if he wants to take it. McCarthy already has moderates pissed off at him over Santos, and he’s likely to soon find some hard core MAGATs screaming like howler monkeys. And if he doesn’t watch his step, any one of them could call for a vote of no confidence.

Look, Santos has spent the last 15 years slinging more bullshit than a manure spreader. The committee will do their own digging, and then have written statements and an oral interview to compare. You really think that Santos can successfully navigate that legal River Styx? And if McCarthy whispers the right word in the right ear, he can almost certainly get at least a sanction of removal from his committee assignments, if not a recommendation for a vote of expulsion.

McCarthy is boned sideways no matter what he does. No man can serve two masters. McCarthy can’t give away el rancho to the MAGA crowd, and keep the respect of the moderates who supported him from the start. If he lets the Ethics committee pull Santos’s committee assignments, he loses Santos as a reliable vote anyway. Santos will snub him just for spite. So what’s worse about rolling the dice in a special election in the district? And if he can’t pull off enough combined GOP support to oust Santos, he can always pull a classic spineless McCarthy dick move and cut a deal with the Democrats for their help. In return for, Oh, I don’t know, say a clean debt ceiling increase bill? He may as well, There’s no way in hell that McCarthy is going to still be Speaker by August or September. Personally, I’ll be surprised if he survives Easter. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. He deserves every evil bind he finds his nuts in. Personally I don’t think he has the spine to do anything but hide in his office. I’m also not convinced there are any real ‘moderates’. I believe it’s a cult and cults allow no defections. These ‘moderates’ haven’t spoken out over their colleagues voting with the armed killers of Jan 6th. Voters? Yeah, the same people that watched trump’s shitshow for 5 years and still voted for him. The same people that can’t pour piss out of a boot with the directions on the heel. Chickens voting for the butcher.

    • I would agree, except hiding in his office really ISN’T an option…He already has too many different packs of wolves braying for his blood…He’s got way too many balls to keep juggling, but sooner rather than later, they’re all going to come down on his head…

  2. What good is a title when you’ve given away all the power that should come with it? McCarthy is so bereft of morality or even self-respect that he sold his soul to be speaker, to what end? He’s going down in history as a weak, ineffectual, and temporary leader who failed his party, his country and himself.

  3. My question is why does it take so long to find out if he actually a citizen or how he was allowed to vote in NY? Also, how does a head of lettuce last when it comes to Mccarthy staying in office

    • I think I can answer your first question. Under NY State law, only a personal close relative can obtain birth or death records and its not an easy process even if you are that relative. That’s why no one so far has been able to obtain a certified copy of the birth certificate from the Queens, NY hospital where Santos claims he was born in 1988. And his sister Tiffany Santos is now tied up in her own legal troubles (it appears the con act runs in the family), so I doubt she can be persuaded to assist. And even if someone were able to illegally search the hospital’s records, most likely they would come up blank. This is because Santos lies about everything so who knows what his birth name really was when he was born, and what hospital state or country he was really born in? He knows as long as no one can prove anything one way or another, he stays where he is in Congress – instead of perhaps being automatically disqualified for not being a US citizen for at least 10 year prior to running for Congress. As for registering to vote in NY, much easier to provide personal records to do that (and lie about being a citizen on the form), than to obtain certified copies of birth or death records of another person.

      • If it’s true that it’s almost impossible to get someone’s birth record then it seems that nobody really knows how many people are citizens & are eligible to vote. So all you have to do is just declare yourself a citizen & so be it ? So let’s not tell all the people out there who would like to make that transition painlessly !!! So why are the inbound immigration people going thru hoops to catch the cheaters if they can’t actually know the facts – sounds unlikely !

  4. McCarthy has already given away el rancho to the Magat crowd – BC he is part of that crowd. He and them are equally Kremlin- owned. The only other faction are the ones owned by the Kochs and the Mercers who will vote along with the Kremlin faction BC they are all on the same page with the goal of tearing down, obstructing and weakening the United States so they and their masters can obtain greater $, control & power over the US till it is remade as a corporate fascist kleptocracy.

    As for Santos, he received the rest of his bribe $ from the Kremlin once he was sworn in and immediately purchased a multi-million $ water-front mansion in Brevard County, FL (his own Mar-a-Lago). So he doesn’t care except to stay where he is vote the party line & lay low and do what his makers want him to – which is primarily to steal valuable secrets to provide to the Kremlin from his position on U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

    As for moderate Rs, just about all of them have long since been driven out of the GOP-Nazi party as traitor RINOs. What did we have? – a total of 1 House R that voted against the Freedumb Caucus’s rule package? Any that are remaining are too scared to go against the grain of the terrorist NAZIs running the House show. They may verbally argue against some things behind closed doors, but in the end they with vote the straight party line.

    As for McCarthy, he was the only one in the GOP-Nazi Party who truly wanted the House Speaker position. Like the others he will do what he is told by his owners at the Kremlin and attempt to keep the other Koch faction in lockstep unity. At the same time he’ll be close to driven insane, because he’ll be continuously surrounding by some incredibly lazy, incompetent, uneducated, unqualified, unscrupulous, backstabbing, corrupt, power hungry Freedumb Caucus low-lifes who will use their positions to attempt to control everything. Their lawless incompetence may be our only saving grace.


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