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As of this moment we have no idea, beyond some vague hints about an unhealthy interest in the sexual pursuits of French President Macron, and a souvenir/party favor from his pardon of Roger Stone, just what the fuck the Orangeutan stole in the way of sensitive information on his way out of the WhiteHouse.

One thing we can be very sure of is that no matter what he pilfered, the Narcissist-in-Chief thought whatever it was would ultimately benefit himself, and himself alone… because that is the only consideration that could occupy the very small part of his reptilian brain not devoted to eating, fucking and base survival.

NBC News’ Marc Caputo does not know either exactly what secrets he stole either, but does think he knows what asswipe plans to do with them.

“I’m being led to believe it’s not detailed, it’s not the stuff we’ll want to see,” Caputo said. “We’ll want to see, like, okay, which foreign leaders potentially were in these classified documents he allegedly had or whatever. However, it’s going to be more detailed. How much? We have no clue. The judge yesterday said she would start to unseal it after the court hearing, today is technically after the court hearing — we’ll see.”

“I think a broader issue here is what you’re also going to see in cases, again, if there’s a prosecution, of something called graymail, which is where a defendant in a case where there’s classified information tries to push the release of that classified information, knowing the government doesn’t want it released,” Caputo continued, “and that can sort of psych the government out of wanting to release that highly classified or sensitive information. Now there is a Classified Information Procedures Act, which allows for the courts to kind of go through and handle these issues and release redacted information. But the fact of the matter is we’ve never had a former president and future presidential candidate, likely future presidential candidate, on trial, especially over stuff like this regarding issues related to his presidency or his past presidency, so, we’re, as I said, we’re in uncharted waters.”

So, this may be the drama that is playing out in drumpf’s Judge shopped Special Master court case, where the judge has signaled that she might limit the DOJ’s access to the stolen docs, while allowing intelligence officials to survey the national security implications of the material being revealed.

And we have now reached the point in this farce where where Judge Cannon, doing her best Hamlet, takes the stage for her soliloquy “To reveal, or not to reveal; that is the question…” while Merrick Garland has to weigh how much damage might be done the nation by unmasking drump’s perdifity.

One would almost have to know what secrets are missing to even form an intelligent conclusion.

Some thoughts from people at least as smart as I:

Maybe, I hope you are right.

May kinda depend on what as in those empty folders.

That much is certainly true.

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  1. I love it when soothsayers are certain of anything. The poor folks of Hiroshima were certain it was going to be a great day. Their neighbors in Nagasaki then were certain that what happened a few days earlier would never happen again. So much for certainty.

  2. First of all, why would Trump take documents with him when he was not known for hs ability to or interest in reading anything? Keepsakes? I don’t think so. To sell to his dictator pals? Likely. To use as a bargaining chip? Likely.

    Where are the contents of the empty folders? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Even if he could, with a wave of his hand “declassify” the documents, that does not change the content. Secret details about spies, bombs, satellites, etc, does not miraculously become less sensitive or important just because he decrees it. Even if he wasn’t a complete moron.

  3. Any threats the orange grump makes about holding the US hostage should be the moment the dirt bag is labeled a credible threat is hauled off, jailed and denied access to any form of communication until he is tried. I don’t understand why this hasn’t happened already.

  4. I’ve said this elsewhere but, to my mind, the game being played isn’t down to poor legal advice but something more sinister.

    With all the publicity being generated regarding the evidence and the listing of crimes, it’s going to be impossible to actually empanel an unbiased jury as everyone on the jury list will have already seen the evidence and formed an opinion, one way or another.

    That being the case, there will be a LOT of juror challenges before any trial can even start.

    If Don John can’t be tried – he will walk and that could well be the end plan. Not that he isn’t guilty but he can’t be found guilty (not the same thing as ‘not guilty’, but the end result will be the same).

    I suppose that it would be technically possible for him to be tried by a court martial or a military tribunal (under the fact that he was CinC of the US military) but that may be stretching things too far.

    • It only requires one MAGAt lying about his ability to be impartial to hang a,jury which will already have been a,lengthy trial.in which much of the evidence will be redacted secrets. I fear that lying MAGA.

  5. “It’s a trap!”
    Call me Admiral Ackbar, but Garland the Grim and a crack pay-ops team have had months—MONTHS—to game out Formerly’s most likely go-to ploys re: bullshit maneuvering to justify having purloined documents,so I’m not at all convinced Formerly et al aren’t about to fall flat on their smug faces into a big ol’ pile of flaming dog shit. They haven’t landed a punch yet, and considering the judge’s lack of bench experience at this level, by trying hard to give ‘em a hand with appointing a SM, she may very well set in motion the Last Stand at Mar-a-Lago.



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