Art is an imitation of life, frequently life imitates art, and now Donald Trump’s social life is mirroring the catastrophe that is his professional world. His New Year’s Eve bash at Mar-a-Lago has been beset by everything from technical difficulties to wardrobe malfunctions, and being stabbed in the back by both Newsmax and Fox, who were no shows at his “media availability” presser.

Ever faithful Right Side Broadcasting Network showed up, but something happened with them and you can barely hear what Trump says. And zero closed captions, they’re not that pro yet.

Let’s start with Trump’s entrance, shall we? Or, one of his entrances, I should say.

Alright, class, you just saw the same tape I did. WTF is that knob on the back of his head?

  1. A unicorn horn, only not in front for some reason;
  2. His hairdresser’s anchor, so that the piss-soaked cotton candy mess on his head doesn’t go awry during the evening and fall into the punchbowl;
  3. An antenna to control his thoughts, because the QAnon lady who was monitoring the ET transmissions quit and now the aliens can only communicate with Trump via this dial on his head;
  4. Something else, see my comment below.

Talk about a fiasco. Here’s a link to Raw Story. Scroll down and you’ll see the RSBN video, which, if you can hear it, good for you.

The media availability went about as well as Trump’s “big announcement” that ended up being a ploy for his own personal trading cards he was selling for $99. And then that tanked, due to copyright infringement issues.

The video appeared on the front page of the conservative hotspot Rumble. At first, even with the top audio levels, Trump could only narrowly be heard.

He began by wishing the media a “Happy New Year,” despite his hate for them. He then asked if there were any questions. He attacked inflation as “destroying our country,” and made an inaudible comment about Ukraine and Russia. Reporters asked questions like, “Would you support a national abortion ban,” which he refused to answer.

He rambled on about the “disgrace” of the Justice Department and the “weaponizing” of the FBI before he decided to wander into the event. When another asked how the 2024 campaign was going, he claimed it was, “very good,” despite not having any events or rallies of his own around the country after his announcement.

New York Times reporter Peter Baker told MSNBC earlier on Saturday that Trump’s call for media availability was a desperate cry for attention.

That’s the bottom line here. Back in 2016, the Trump freak show got loads of free publicity. It was like on Network, when Howard Beale went nuts, and the Faye Dunaway character enthused, “We’ve got publicity here that we couldn’t buy for a million bucks. It’s being handed to us on a silver platter.”

Yes, indeed. That’s how it was back in 2016. Now, nobody cares. Trump is not big news anymore and that’s why he went bonkers earlier today, more than once as a matter of fact, about how the news outlets in the country are going down in flames because they don’t pay him more mind.

He also said how sorry Fox News would be because the MAGA base was so much larger than people know. They’re not large enough to win elections but are large enough to destroy the media, apparently. At least, this is what Trump says.

Party hearty, Donald. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may be indicted.

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  1. The bump on the back of his head is an interesting mystery. It could just be a tangle of hair, even though that is a little hard to feature, given his vanity.

  2. I think that lump is a mass of hair standing up (a cow lick I think it’s called) from when he passed out on the couch after devouring 3 Bigmacs an hour prior to his entrance here. No one told him about it so….


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