Many a true word has been spoken in jest. I personally view it as an omen that the MAGA cult leader has scheduled the kick-off rally to his 2024 campaign on the 30th anniversary of, and in the very same place, where another cult leader refused to surrender to federal authorities, believing himself to be the victim of a witch hunt as well. Violence and death ensued.

Donald Trump is fine with violence and death. This is all a television show to him.

And remember: this is presupposing that Trump gets arrested and that he will be out on bail. Asking for violence in “Trump Country” will not be the least out of place.

Other people have picked up on the date and location as well.

And more chime in.

Trump didn’t blow a dog whistle, he turned on an air raid siren.

The question now becomes, will his followers respond? Remember a few things, now:

  1. They have been to this rodeo before. The insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol believed that Trump would pardon them and pay all of their legal expenses until that time. That didn’t happen.
  2. Trump is calling for “protests” nationwide. In January, 2021 the protest was centered in Washington, D.C. Here, he’s looking for the troops to mobilize themselves on his word.
  3. Can he draw a crowd of MAGAs in New York City in a few days? Maybe.
  4. Can he draw a crowd of MAGAs in Waco, Texas, in a few days? Very likely.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. January 6, 2021 was virtually assured to become violent. Those tea leaves were read well in advance of the date. It came as zero surprise to anybody who was paying attention. Even Michael Cohen, when he testified before Congress, said that Trump would not leave the White House willingly if defeated at the polls.

Then we had all the madness with Rudy Giuliani and his Strike Force. If that circus didn’t alert you to the fact that things were going to go seriously south, you must have been comatose.

But things are different now. The failure of the January 6 riot and the fact that a lot of people got arrested and are serving time should show people what will happen if they simply go nuts. Trump will not save them. I guess what we’re going to find out now is how many people see that and how many are still harboring delusions that Trump is going to turn all this around, when he himself, may be a defendant out on bail and looking at trial in a few short days.

The fact of Trump actually being indicted, actually being arrested, will change the narrative dramatically. The only way he can play this is as political martyr.

This is terra incognita. We’ve never had a former president, behaving like a dictator in exile, and then donning the mantle of political martyr to run for yet a third time. All bets are off. We’re going to have to just live through this and see how it shakes down.

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  1. For those who might wonder why I’m agnostic, why I not only doubt but find it almost ludicrous that there’s some divine being/God we’ll get proof again, especially since the “God” the asshat goobers that show up for Trump rallies believe not in Jesus’ teachings and the New Testament but that Old Testament fire & brimstone God who put on displays of wrath and smote folks. IF there was some God like people believe in when Trump takes the stage a gigantic, way the hell larger than the tri-state tornado of 1925 would suddenly swoop past and that would be the end of Trump – and actually scare many of those who support him into thinking maybe God is telling them to get their shit together and start trying to follow the teachings of Jesus!

  2. Nope, the mouth breathing goobers would be convinced by the “preachers” and others “in the know” that it was the “Demorats” who WEAPONIZED the weather to take out the turd emperor. Then, they’ll believe “gawd” was against him because he wasn’t MEAN enough, EVIL enough, VINDICTIVE enough against he “enemies” so he was “taken”. The next conservative turd around will be even WORSE to keep “gawd” happy.


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