Man, today is like listening to Casey Kasem’s old America’s Top 40, the hits just keep on coming. Leave it to Traitor Tot to try to use a Friday night news dump on the night before a 3 day holiday break to try to cover his tracks.

Everybody knows that Traitor Tot is furious with the damage that the J6 committee has done. He’s been desperate to blame anybody but himself for the situation he now finds himself in.

But now it appears that Trump is finally starting to actually get personally worried about the revelations, and what it may mean to his own personal legal criminal liability. Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony that Trump was fully aware that his mob was armed when he sicced them on the Capitol, as well as the sudden exposure to the possibility of witness tampering, have him looking for an escape hatch.

But on The 11th Hour tonight, MSNBC broke news that, according to senior GOP officials, Lindsey Graham was specifically named, Trump may be planning a last, desperate pre-emptive strike. And to be honest, it has to be the lamest, dumbest, lame ass, incompetent pre-emptive strike I’ve ever heard of in my life. It’s kind of like the US attacking Vladimir Putin with squirt guns to keep him from launching nukes.

Here’s the down and dirty. The scuttlebutt is that Trumpenstein is seriously considering accelerating and moving up an announcement on his presidential plans for 2024. And the smart money is on the fact that he will formally announce his candidacy for President in 2024.

Why? The reasoning is as simple as it is brain dead stupid. What Trump is grasping at is the non existent straw that the DOJ has an internal rule to not indict or announce criminal charges during a campaign year. Trump is going to try to use that rule to protect himself from indictment once he becomes an official candidate for President in 2024.

As usual, Trump has his head so far up his ass he can see his lungs. The DOJ rule prohibits announcements of investigations or indictments during an actual campaign. Which is why everybody was so pissed at James Comey for his bullshit with Hillary’s emails. Everything was decided, the candidates were in place, and he stuck his finger in the pie.

Here’s where Trump’s logic falls apart. Trump can throw his name in the hopper whenever he wants. But the majority of GOP candidates won’t throw their hats in the ring until anytime from August-November of 2023. Then, in January, the primary process starts. The Republican National Convention won’t be until sometime in July. After that’s over, that’s when the DOJ will take a hands-off attitude towards announcing any new indictments or investigations.

Trump is deluding himself into thinking that just because he announces his candidacy for 2024, he becomes untouchable until election day. Sweet Jesus! We haven’t even held the midterms yet, and Trump wants a free pass for 28 months? Good luck with that one.

This is what true desperation looks like. No more of this I’m a WINNER! bullshit. Trump can almost literally feel those steel bracelets clamping down on his wrists. But because he’s an ignoramus, Trump is throwing out his last, best hold card. It won’t work, but at least he tried.


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  1. Lock him up Now enough is enough he needs to go to the skamer .get them all we want Justice and we want it Now

  2. It is beyond stupidity if former guy thinks the summer of 2022 would be the start of any presidential campaign. If this view were to be taken to its logical conclusion, all anybody would need to do to stay out of a courtroom/prison, is declare they are running for president. Maybe file papers to that effect. Cheaper than hiring a lawyer but still pretty effing stupid.

    • Ah. Projection.

      Let’s face it your turd emperor is stupid, beyond stupid, and he thinks announcing his candidacy will keep DOJ off his ass. You know he’s frightened enough to shit himself at the thought of prison orange so he will grasp at an anvil in the sea if he thought it might keep Garland at bay for a bit. Add to that his opportunity for grift and you have a match made in heaven–and you magats love to throw your money away on that loser. Can’t have enough stupid magat hats can you?

      F.F.S. you magats are morons.


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