Dear Lord, they only announced it late last night, and already today I’ve had 5 desperate pleas for loot from Warnock and the DNC. Man, I sure as hell could have lived very nicely without another month of this nonsense. Oh well, it is what it is.

Right now, there are still 3 outstanding Democratic held Senate seats up for grabs, NV, AZ, and GA. We already know that Georgia is heading to a runoff on December 6th. Before that, the GOP needs to pick off 1 seat in either NV or AZ in order for Georgia to be for all of the marbles for Senate control. But that’s no sure thing.

Right now, both AZ and NV are waiting on large dumps of still uncounted early mail in and drop off ballots. In both states, the votes are in Democratic friendly counties, although the composition of the actual votes leave things in the air. But what happens if the Democrats come away with the 2 state sweep, made more likely by their election night success in battleground states?

Neither the Warnock camp nor the Walker camp relished the possibility of a runoff election on December 6th. But all things being equal, Warnock is in a much better, much stronger position to win the runoff, for a whole slew of reasons. For starters, Warnock and his campaign have been through this before, only 2 years ago. They know what to do, and what to expect. Walker is in his first political campaign, and making a total cock-up of it.

Let’s talk personalities. Warnock is smooth, heartfelt, erudite, and well spoken. He’s also popular. Walker is exactly the opposite. The guy can’t string 2 coherent sentences together, and he’s so unqualified that even Republican voters hate him. Just make a simple comparison. Kemp and Raffensperger both strolled to victory under cruise control. Not only did Walker underperform them, he even underperformed Trump, and Trump lost the freakin’ state! GOP voters held their noses in the hopes of regaining the Senate. Add in the fact that Walker is a walking, talking gaffe machine. The longer this goes on, the worse he gets.

Cash may not be King, but it’s at least the Queen of Hearts. And Warnock has been awash in the stuff. Warnock has turned into a prolific fundraiser, while Walker couldn’t sell candy bars for charity. I heard one report that during the general election, Warnock outspent Walker by some $73 millin. The only thing that has kept Walker on the air at all is tens of millions of outside dark money for attack ads.

But what happens if the Democrats run the table and take both NV as well as AZ? That alone gives the Democrats 50 seats in the Senate, and assures Democratic control for 2 more years, and potentially dozens of new judges. But if the Democrats already control the Senate by December 6th, Who the hell needs Herschel walker anymore?

Warnock’s Democratic base will be jazzed to the max to get out there and expand the Democratic majority in the Senate, and lock in 2 Democratic Senators for 4 more years. Walker’s voters only showed up with the dream of retaking the Senate. If that’s out of reach, why bother to show up on December 6th?  All you need to do is to compare Kemp and Raffensperger’s totals to Walker’s to see how large the vote splitting was in Georgia.

And f you can’t retake the Senate, then why would McConnell and the Super PAC’s give Walker any more money? This ass clown couldn’t steal lunch money from school kids, and if he did, he’d just blow it on abortions for girlfriends. If you can’t regain the Senate, then start hoarding your pennies for 2024, and hopefully a slew of qualified candidates.

From where I’m sitting, Walker desperately needs either Masters or Laxalt to flip one of those seats. If one does, then Walker remains relevant, and McConnell and the GOP have no choice but to fund him in the runoff. If the Democrats sweep NV and AZ, then Walker has no more relevance than an old Air Supply CD you found in your attic. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Isn’t Senator Warnock a preacher or something like that? He IS well-spoken, hasn’t yet been caught in the net of lies and hypocrisy that has tangled up Walker like a bloated dead fish, and has done a pretty good job in the Senate. Walker is moronic, a liar, a hypocrite, a man of loose morals, etc. What on earth would cause anyone to think Walker was worth their vote? I mean, I suppose the magats would vote for him-lord knows he scummy enough to please them but I cannot put my head around the fact that quite obviously other ‘pubes who are NOT magats are voting for him. WTF? Honestly if this were a democrat who was this shitty and incompetent of a candidate I just would not cast my vote. And yes, I have withheld my vote from crappy democrats rather than help someone unfit hold high public office.

    • He’s been the Senior Paster at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church since 2005. If that church seems familiar, it’s the same one where Martin Luther King Jr. served. A LOT of history is associated with that church. I’d imagine it takes an extraordinary person and pastor to rise to hold the role Warnock fills in one of the country’s most noted and historic churches.

      • And,sadly, A certain type of GA redneck.hates,MLK and anything associated with him and would vote for a plank (arguably smarter than Herschel, or at least the string silent type so.less inclined to incoherence) over a PoC. Toss in the only man running dumber than Fat Donnie being an NFL player and that is how he got the votes. The problem here is the 2% who voted for the Libertarian. If they turn out, their votes go to.Walker. Let us hope they all come down with Covid,,get drunk and drive and run into.each other,or stay home.

    • “And yes, I have withheld my vote from crappy democrats rather than help someone unfit hold high public office.”

      Well, your anecdote’s relevance needs a bit more information to be worthwhile.

      #1: Did the “crappy Democrat” go on to win the election even without your magnificent vote? If so, well, your vote didn’t matter at all, did it? So, neither does your voting history.

      #2: Did withholding your vote lead to a GOPer winning the office? Granted, the importance of one single, solitary vote means very little in the course of most real elections but if others decided to do as you did and withhold their votes, then you (and they) could have led to the election of someone who, most likely, shared absolutely none of your overall values which makes you a very despicable being as far as I’m concerned.

      Personally, I’d rather have a “crappy Democrat” over any GOPer since the Democrat will share SOME of my values and ideals; there hasn’t been a GOPer who’s ever shared my values and ideals where I’d consider voting for them (I think the closest I ever came to considering voting for a GOPer was Elizabeth Dole but since I won’t even vote in a GOP primary election–not even with a gun held to my head–that decision never came up).

      • I am originally from Chicago. There are such things as crappy democrats and I’m pretty sure such a phenomenon is not something one only sees in Illinois–although Chicago did have one hell of a machine. Most recently however was that idiot anti-choice dude who was replaced in I believe 2018 (might have been 2016). Would you rather have him over any GOP’r? I myself would rather have a Lisa Murkowski-type GOP’r than that asshole who actually did NOT share any of my values.

        There are crappy dems all over. WTF dude they’re not saints, perfect, or anything close. Hell, I’m not too overly fond of Tester up here or for that matter any of the blue dog democrats-they are trying to please everybody and quite frankly are not to be trusted. However we have state pols up here running as dems that aren’t worth a damn and I have submitted my ballot with a bunch of write-in candidates: Slim Pickens and Kurt Vonegut get my vote more than they should. MT only has about 1M people, and considerably less voters (duh), but even so my single vote amounted to less than a gnat’s asshole hair in any election.

        So, if the choice is crap vs. crap, I don’t want to assist crap getting into office and won’t try to vote it in even if there is a (D) by their name. Somewhere along the way a lot of folks forgot about a very important thing: voting is a right, sure, but it is our DUTY to elect people best able to represent us, to legislate sanely, to make sure future generations have a future. I’m sorry Joseph but if the person on the ballot doesn’t seem like they are able to do those things, I will have no part in electing them.

        Just so you know: I’ve never voted for a republican since I’ve not seen any capable of pulling their heads out of their asses. My first election was Reagan’s run for prez and republicans did not improve over the decades. I have supported candidates from the New Alliance Party and some independents.

  2. “Republican voters hate him.”

    That’s obviously untrue, are he wouldn’t be running 50-50 with Warnock at this very moment!

    The southern republicans are so dumb, that they don’t care how dumb he is. They only love that he’s a famous sports figure. I am so disgusted that there are so many really dumb people in the U.S. So disgusted!

    • That’s exactly why the R’s want to destroy education. Educated people tend to vote for democrats. Look what DeSantis did to the Florida education system….he decided that ex military personnel and THEIR SPOUSES are qualified to be teachers. That works, riiiiight…. can you imagine a drill sergeant teaching music appreciation, or calculous? What that insures is that right wing ideologies will be taught. Republicans have been trying to rule school boards also, for the same reasons. In Michigan the voters saw through that BS and wiped that slate clean, thankfully.

    • Change it from “Republican voters hate him” to “Some Republican voters hate him” otherwise he wouldn’t be at 50-50 with Warnock.

      Current numbers show that Kemp has won reelection with 53% to Abrams’ 46%, or a lead of roughly 300,000 raw votes (the Libertarian candidate only drew 28,000 votes total) out of less than 3,950,000 votes. The Senate race totals show that ~20,000 fewer voters bothered with the race (only around 3,930,000) and Warnock is leading by roughly 35,000 votes (less than a 1% margin of difference) while the Libertarian candidate pulled in more than 80,000 votes (just over 2% of the total)..

      So, there have to be a fair number of Republican voters who DO hate Walker and weren’t willing to vote for him–whether they voted for Warnock or went Libertarian is hard to say. The simple fact is that Walker lost some 200,000 of the voters who chose Kemp for Governor.

  3. Just ask your maga acquaintances (* if you don’t have any , I envy you); “Is Herschel The New Face of The GOP ?”
    (*That should produce a poor man’s fireworks display for the whole neighborhood !)

  4. Let’s pray you called it. I’ll pony up one more time. We can’t afford having the turtle back in charge. The worse candidates survived in the south. I’m a native son but I can’t help but wonder WHAT THE FUCK??? Chickens voting for the butcher.

  5. I’ll have to take your word about Nevada, but I do feel good about Georgia. Geirgia Democrats (with Stacey Abrams leadership) are very, very good in geting enough turnout to win runoffs. As was demostrated two years ago.

    This morning I terminated my mothly donations to my own candidates (who won) and sent the equivalent of 2 months to the Warnock campaign instead. Of course that’s very little – but I hope it helps. It certainly can’t hurt.


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