Idiot Convoy Promised 100 Foot Sub Sandwich but Antifa Must Have Eaten It.

Damned Antifa!

The Idiot People’s Convoy of truckers now befouling the cityscape of Philadelphia had some growling stomachs today, having been promised a 100 foot long Subway Sandwich that never materialized.

10-4 good buddy.

You just know there was some twittering about that:

Someone had a different villain in mind…

Then there were the usual suspects:

Someone call the cops!

Or maybe the army!

Most logical explanation:

Beep Beep

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  1. ” Worth noting that not a single member questioned the length of the sandwich, despite a 100-foot-long sub being insanely long for a group of 20 or so people!”

    Ahh, I’ve seen these people, they pretty much all look like they would have no trouble at all eating 5 footlongs.

    Even that many of them do it regularly.

  2. 12-inch sub should stuff one person. Maybe two, if they’re 101st Fighting Keyboarders.
    I’ve never seen (or heard of) a sandwich place with room to even make a 100-ft sub. Most are limited to 4 to 6 ft.


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